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The Ugly Sofa That Saved the Day

A couple of years ago, late at night, around 1:00 a.m.. My phone rang and this was the conversation...

Caller: Hello, this is officer X, with the X County Sheriff's Dept, here in X, Florida. What color is your couch?

Me: Uhh, well, it's covered in ugly, green and beige checks.

Caller: Thank you very much! < click >

There I sat, feeling a little stunned and very confused. Why, in the name of Fanny, did a police officer in Florida want to know the color of my sofa? My husband had already owned it when we married. Surely it wasn't stolen? Why would my husband steal the ugliest sofa I've ever seen? Then again, he really loved that couch. I, on the other hand, hated it. I had been plotting for ages how I was going to sneak that thing from the house and bury it! It was ugly, very short ( I have long legs and it was very uncomfortable to sit on. ), and it was scratchy.

About an hour later, my son calls. He lives in Florida with his father. It seems that a "friend" of his had stolen his guitar. So, Cota went to this guys house and took it back. Then this guy had the nerve to call the police and report that Cota has stolen his guitar!

When the police questioned Cota, he told them the whole story. One of the officers asked if he could prove it was his guitar. He said, "I sure can!" and took them online to his MySpace Album and showed them the pic you see above. "Here I am, at my mother's house last summer, holding this guitar. She lives in North Carolina." The rest is history.

I feel pretty sure that I am the only person ever to get a call just like that! The couch is still here. But, I am happy to report that I just received a very comfortable, non-ugly, couch and love seat, from a nice lady on FreeCycle. : )

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