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Mehwee Cwismas!

Ross just told me this, amazing me both with the clarity with which she said it and the fact that she removed her mouth from her sippy cup for that long. She is drinking chacot mick ( chocolate milk ). That is her favorite beverage and she has to have something very important to say in order to merit a pause in chugging it.

Tallen is asleep on the sofa. He awoke in the middle of the night and that wrecked my plans of sneaking their gifts beneath the tree. So, he will just have to believe that Santa visited while he was taking his nap. Hey, I'm flexible. As long as they get their gifts on Christmas, I'm sure it doesn't make a huge difference what time it is.

We are going to my mother's for dinner today. She isn't preparing a traditional meal. We're having fried chicken. I don't mind. I'd eat hot dogs if it saved me from cooking today. : )


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