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Pretty, Fuzzy, and Delicious!

          A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor gave my husband a cooler full of deer meat. When Tallen saw what was inside, he became very upset. This surprised us as usually he just doesn't get emotional over animals. This time was different. He knew there was a deer in the cooler, even though we had not mentioned it. He said, " You broke that deer, Daddy! You killed it! You can't kill deer and giraffes and elephants!" He wouldn't eat any of the venison. I wouldn't eat it either, only because I have never liked it.

         Fast forward to Christmas night. We were driving home from my mother's when we had to stop and let 3 does cross the road. I said, "Look, Tallen! Look at those beautiful deer!" In a very monotone voice he said, " Yes. I want to eat them. Kill them for me, Daddy." It was like the sobbing, animal rights activist, child from a few weeks ago had been replaced by some alien. Even more creepy in the dark. Hubs and I just gave each other that "what the hell?" look and continued toward home...

          As we headed down our driveway ( actually a very long dirt road ), we spotted 2 more deer over in our alfalfa field. Tallen noticed them right away... " More deer! Kill them for me, Daddy!" I could tell this was really beginning to upset his father, an avid hunter and eater of venison. I even wondered if maybe, just maybe, Tallen was smart enough that he had decided to try reverse psychology on his dad. I said, "Tallen, we don't want to kill the deer, they're pretty and fuzzy... He interrupted, " And DELICIOUS!" I had to laugh. We all laughed. Kids, go figure...

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