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Weird News

I subscribe to an email that arrives each day with the latest weird news. Headlines from around the world about stupid crooks and crazy accidents. Well now I have my own weird news. When going into the dark kitchen to fetch a cookie for Tallen a few nights ago, our cat ( who is has now worn out her welcome and shall be finding a new home ) attacked me. She latched onto my foot and would not let go.My foot now looks as if I stuck it into a mulcher. When she did this, I totally lost my balance and landing on my back, ON THE SWIFFER WET JET, on the floor ( this was not put back into it's proper place by a girl who is now kind of on my bad side too lol ). Apparently, I had knocked the wet jet to the floor during the struggle for my life. As a result, I now have a cracked rib and a crippled foot. That's about as weird as one can get.

The cat, who is actually still a kitten, found a home with us a few months ago when the girls found her wandering the woods near our home. She has always been odd, but has never attacked anyone. I can't help but think of the urban legend about the elderly couple who, while visiting Mexico, are tricked into buying a giant wharf rat, thinking it is a chihuahua. I am now, almost, sorta kinda, pretty well convinced that the cute little kitten my girls brought home, is actually a bobcat... lol

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