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When It Rains...

Night before last, we noticed water in the hallway floor. Our immediate reaction was to to think that Tallen had been playing in water and maybe spilled some in the floor. We soon discovered that it was our water heater, leaking up a storm! Hubs took off the wall panel and water was just gushing out from around the little electrical panel on the side. We quickly filled buckets with water for bathing and flushing and pitchers with drinking water. We had to shut off all the water in the house. It seems that when the water heater had been installed, the person had not bothered to include a shut off valve.

I posted on FreeCycle with hopes that someone might have an old one in working condition. No luck. We ended up having to buy one. Luckily, our friend runs deliveries for a plumbing business and was able to get a discount, but it still cost us $250.00 that we really just can't afford.

From the looks of our old water heater, it had been leaking for a while. I'm crossing my fingers that replacing it might at least result in a lower power bill.


  1. wow, I didn't realize water heaters had gone so high up in price! Last time we bought one (about 4 years go) they were around $150....that's awful, isn't it?
    love your blog, I found you through Sherri's blog...please visit mine when you can...

  2. Yes, it's awful. That was after our friend's discount and before buying all the fittings and stuff that were needed! Plus, we hauled it ourselves. Thank goodness we all worked together and figured out how to install it, so at least that was free.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check out your blog today.


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