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Water World?

I failed to mention in my water heater post but on that same day, our basement also flooded. I guess it just slipped my mind with all the cries of "OH NO!" and "HOW WILL I SHOWER?" from the resident preteen and teen. When I explained that they could heat water and take a sink bath and help each other wash their hair over the sink, they looked at me like I had three heads. Eventually, they stopped whining and realized they had no choice in the matter. I am happy to report that they arrived to school the next day clean and with "perfect" hair.

In keeping with the water theme this week... This morning, I was on the phone with a friend and was moving around the house, doing this and that as we talked. I stepped into the hallway and my shoe made a little splashy sound. Lo and behold, the washing machine was overflowing. I am deaf in my left ear and had the phone to my right ear, otherwise I might have heard the water sooner. I guess the machine enjoyed filling up for the rinse cycle so much, it decided not to stop! The hall, one of the bedrooms, the laundry area, and the pantry, were all swamped. I just have managed to get all the towels etc... washed and dried from Thursday night's flood.

I'm guessing it's just time for some of these things to happen. Like when the light bulb blows out in one room and the rest follow pretty soon after.

I am just reminding myself that lots of people have it much worse than we do. I think later, I'm going to sit the girls down and tell them how my sister and I used to bathe together in a metal washtub in the backyard when we were small. Can't wait to see the looks on their faces! LOL

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