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A Cheeseburger Tree!

   Last night, Renni stopped by after work and surprised Tallen with a McNuggets Happy Meal. He was pretty content with it, until he realized I was eating a Big Mac. He said,"Mom, Give me that hamburger." I pointed out that he had his own dinner and should eat his McNuggets. After a minute or two he came back and said, " I know, we can share! Give me half that hamburger!" Unable to resist his dimpled charm, I got a knife and cut him off about 1/4 of my burger. He happily went back to his seat and started eating the Big Mac. Soon, he leaned in really close, staring at the bun, and carefully picked up a seed. He held it up on the tip of his finger for everyone to see and said," Look, a sesame seed! We can grow a cheeseburger tree!"

   The smiles he brings to us all are so worth any sleepless nights I have had to endure...

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