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Spring Forward?

I didn't manage to blog yesterday. Why? Well, it was just one of those days...

Cina had spent Tuesday night at a friend's house, as they needed to study for the History exam. Therefore, she was not home to keep yelling at Selly to get out of bed. Selly counts on this, even though she has a perfectly functional alarm clock. Normally, I would have had her up and at 'em, but I had spent the night shift with Tallen, who had popped awake at 1:00 a.m., just as I was about to doze off. He spent the next coulple of hours reading books and singing etc... When he finally went back to sleep, it was 4:00 a.m.. I sat down on the sofa to read a magazine, as there was no use in my going to sleep for a lousy hour... Well, I zonked out and the next thing I know, Selly is waking me to take her to the bus stop.

The usualy routine is that I pull my scary bed hair into a ponytail, stuff my feet in slippers, snag my husband's camo hunting coat, and head out to the truck at 5:53 a.m. ( Not expecting to write a best seller about my morning beauty routine any time soon. Sorry ladies! lol ) This gives me just enough time to take the main road around to the other end of our driveway/road/nature trail. I have just enough time to back the truck into the driveway and catch the school bus that arrives at 6:03 a.m. a.k.a. Sparrow's Fart:30 . Well yesterday, I pulled that routine off without a hitch, almost. After backing into the driveway, Selly asks,"Mom, did the time change already?" I'm like, "No,why?" She points to the clock on the dashboard. It reads 7:03!!! Somehow, we had gone through the same routine as every other school day morning and never even noticed that we were exactly an hour late. I must have been really tired to not even notice that the sun was coming up when we left the house and it is usually still dark... We made our way back home and her dad drove her to school.

The rest of my day was spent trying to make Tallen and Ross more comfortable as they both have colds and were grumpy. Meanwhile, trying to stay on my feet and do stuff around the house, so I wouldn't succumb to Benadryl Coma. I have zero tolerance for cold medication but my ears ached so bad that I had to take something.
I finally got some sleep last night and today started off much better.

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