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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

~ The Strange Urge to Bake at 3:00 a.m.

  Totally weird. I was exhausted. Tallen was having one of his bad nights and wouldn't go to sleep for  love nor money. I kept dozing off in my chair and being jolted awake by, " Mama, wake up! It's not  night, it's morning!" I needed to do something to keep me awake, so I baked French bread. Not the prettiest loaves I've made, but considering Tallen "entertained" me during the process, I think they turned out pretty well. Cina took the smallest loaf to school with her. She even took a little container filled with butter. She and her friends take turns bringing some homemade this or that and they all share it at lunch.

~ When Renni gives you lemons...

  Renni popped in after work last night. She had found lemons on sale and wanted me to make her some lemonade. lol It turned out great and we all had some. The plus side is that I got to keep the left-overs!

~Backwoods Idol?

  Cina is planning to enter a local singing competition ( I don't have all the details yet ). The prize is $1,000.00! I really think she can win. Not just because I am her mother and it is my job to think she can win, but because she is a very talented singer. She used to get standing ovations at school talent shows until she stopped entering. The trouble is, she is too modest. The winner also gets a record contract. Cina said, " Wow, I sure would love to win that money but I don't want a record contract, I don't want to be famous." HUBBAWHA? and just when I was getting my hopes up about possibly being a crazy show biz mother....

~ Can you hair me now?

After years of her father refusing to allow Selly to cut her hair, he finally said yes. We all nearly fainted from shock. It was too easy. She said( in an impatient tone)," I want to get my hair cut! I'll pay for it with my own money." and Hubs simply said," So, what are you waiting for?" All of us suspect there is some sort of catch to his indifference...

~ Tallen scares the beans out of me sometimes.

  Is that wrong? He is 5, going on 35... He's becoming one of those people that other people are nervous around, afraid they'll say something to make themselves seem stupid. He doesn't have the least bit of a country accent and when I slip and say a word with a Southern drawl, he will correct me. Everyday, he wakes up knowing more stuff. He has a photographic memory and knows the password to the computer as well as the PIN number to my voicemail. He only has to see something once and it is locked in his brain. He has a mental catalog of every piece of clothing that he, or anyone in this house, has ever owned. "Mama, why are you wearing that shirt? That's Daddy's shirt." He even remembers clothes that he wore as a little baby and gets out of sorts if I take them from storage and put them on Ross.

  Anything he has a question about, he Googles. He spoke with my sister on the phone this week and she mentioned he should come over when she hosts a baby shower soon. She told him there would be water balloons there for him to throw. Later, when he was on the computer, I noticed he was at an  online balloon store. Wondering how he got there, I looked at the Google tool bar and saw that he had searched Balloon Party Favors. This sort of thing has been going on with him for years and we are almost used to it. Almost. Just when we think he can't shock us anymore, he comes up with something new, like telling me perfectly the ingredients I need and how much of each, then how to prepare something he saw on Food Network.

~ Ross scares me even more...

 I knew it wasn't just my imagination, when we took her to the doctor at 8 months, and she nearly gave the pediatrician a melt down. She ( the doctor) was telling us that she might be teething and that was the cause of her cold. Ross started spouting out a conversation about her"teef". The doc jumped and exclaimed," She said 'teeth'! She shouldn't be doing that!" We're like," She says all kinds of things..." Just then, Ross, who was only in her diaper, looked at her dad and said," Gimme my pants!". Then the doctor completely lost it. She even called in other doctors to watch the "Ross Circus".

 Now days, she has conversations with us like is she were maybe 5 or 6 years old.She just turned 21 months this week. Upset because she had only been given fries the other day, she pouted and said, "I want a sheeseburger!" Before she was even a year old, she was using big words like "magazine", "computer", and "telephone". She knows her ABC's, colors, and shapes. She tells us what she wants, she just told me, " Mom-Mom, I want some lunch!". She tells us what she wants to watch on TV. Lately, she's been demanding to "go potty in the bafroom" She asks questions and expects answers... After watch Barney the other day, where the topic was grandparents, she caught her dad passing through the room and shouted, "Dad, sit down!" and patted the place where he should sit. After he took a seat , she patted him on the shoulder and asked, Dad, who is your mom-mom?  She can sing any song she hears, in almost perfect pitch, immediately after first hearing it. We all had a laugh last night, when Cina was singing "We Will Rock You" as we made dinner. From her high chair, at the correct moment, Ross yells, "Sing It!" LOL

  The difference between she and Tallen, when he was her age, is that she is very social. The doctors assure me that she doesn't have Asperger's and that it is most common in boys, but I still worry...

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