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That Cashier Needs Anger Management! ( Rite-Aid Rant )

 It's official. Paranoia over accepting Internet printable coupons has finally reached a level of stupidity that I never imagined it could...

 Yesterday , Renni, her boyfriend, Selly, and I, took a trip to town. After taking Selly to get a haircut at Great Clips ( another rant altogether), we went by the flea market, and then stopped by Rite-Aid to pick up a few things with one of my $25.00 gift cards.

I had my list: 

3-12 packs of Mt. Dew ( $8.98 with coupon from Rite-Aid flier)

4 Deodorants ( $9.00 - $5.00 rebate = $4.00)

2 Boxes Sponge Bob Band-Aids   ( $3.49 BOGO Free - 2-$1.00 coupons from the Sunday Insert = about $.75 each)

Tallen has to have Band-Aids on hand at all times. He doesn't get injured that much, but if he thinks he's injured, we'd better have a bandage on hand or he goes off the deep end!

Before leaving home, I went to Coupons.com and printed off a $5 off $20 Rite-Aid Coupon. Just wanting to get in and out ASAP, I went straight to the things I needed, tossed them in the cart, and made my way to the register. Jason, Renni's BF, also picked up 3 packs of soda and was in line behind me. Before I even get my items placed on the counter, Coupon Nazi feels the need to inform me, "You have to have 2 coupons to get 6 of the Pepsi products!" Raising an eyebrow, I'm like, " OK, but I only have 3 packs of soda. His items are not part of my order." Trying to cover up that he just made an ass of himself, he looks past me and tells Jason, " Dr. Pepper is not included in this promotion!".

 First of all, this ASS, had no way of knowing at this point, whether I was even using coupons, let alone whether the man in line behind me planned too. So anyway, once he gets everything totalled, I start handing him my coupons, Store coupon, beep!, Band-Aid coupons, beep! beep!, then, before I can even lift my hand to give him the Rite-Aid coupon, he screeches, " Is THAT an Internet coupon?!" I nodded. He says," We do not accept Internet coupons due to FRAUD." I'm like, "Sir, this is a Rite-Aid coupon...". He replied, "It doesn't matter, I still can't accept it." Trying to remain calm, I asked, "Why would Rite-Aid distribute a coupon via the Internet, that has to be printed, if they do not accept printed coupons?" He shrugged. So, I shrugged back, paid for my things, and left. To say I was pissed off would be a vast understatement.  So, after thinking about it on the way to Biscuitville, I borrowed Renni's cell phone and called the 1-800 # on the receipt...

  I described my check-out drama to the customer service rep and he apologized and told me that I would be receiving my $5.00 in the form of a gift card. He also said that someone from their corporate office will be contacting me to discuss my bad experience, that the checker was wrong in both his knowledge of how to handle Internet coupons and in the way customers should be treated and would be reported to the store, the district manager, and to corporate. That steps would be taken to make sure he and if necessary, the store, would be schooled ( not educated but 'schooled') in the proper procedures. That I did not have to worry about this ever happening to me or another customer at that store ever again. Works for me...

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  1. LMAO @ the Coupon Nazi :)

    More people need to let store management know when someone has that kind of an attitude. You can almost tell what the experience is gonna be when you see the sour look on their face . . .


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