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A Nice Evening

  I won't say what or how, but I finally found something to give me relief from my pain for a few hours. ( No, it isn't wacky tobacky! lol) I also won't go into boring detail about my medical problems but I will say that at times, I am basically crippled. It hurts to sit, to stand, to lie down. It hurts to write my name, it hurts to stir dinner as it cooks, it hurts to brush my hair. Were it not for getting some relief at times, or not wanting to leave my kids motherless, I would probably go crawl in a hole somewhere and wait to die. So anyway, I will take this chance to write...

  Renni came over tonight with her boyfriend. When discussing what to have for dinner, she said she had the makings for spaghetti at home, but no meat. I had a freezer packed with hamburger. She loves the way I make spaghetti, so she sent her BF home to fetch the spaghetti fixings and a tomato to go with the lettuce I had here. While he was gone, I set a batch of French bread to rise. We had a nice dinner of spaghetti, salad, and French bread. Everything tasted great. Ross practically sat in my lap through the whole meal, trying to eat my food and hers too! Even Tallen, who won't usually touch "combined" foods, ate the spaghetti. I had baked 3 loaves of bread and had enough left to send one home with Renni and one to go with our lunch or dinner tomorrow. Hubs was gone, so he missed it. : (

  But, about the bread... I was lucky enough to stumble upon the recipe HERE

while blog surfing the other night. It sounds simple and it is simple. Even if you think you can't bake, you should do fine with this recipe. I bake a lot but I would have loved to have had this years ago, when I first started out. Tonight was the second time I have made it. I followed the recipe exactly. Except I added enough flour to make the dough workable and a bit more when I was shaping the loaves. I only let it rise about 30 minutes the first time and about 10 minutes a second time. I didn't let the shaped loaves rise at all, as I was in a hurry. It turns out beautiful! And faster than I could make it in my bread machine. I use quick rise yeast that we buy in bulk at Sam's , I'm not sure if that is what gave me such fast results. At any rate, this is a recipe that I know I'll be using a lot. If you follow the link, be sure to check out the rest of her blog while you're there. I don't think she does much couponing, but she buys in bulk when things are on sale, and has a lot of great recipes and food storage tips.

   Odeffa, I know you are reading this and it's making you want fresh baked bread. Let me know when you want it and I will bake some and send you a loaf by Renni.  Remember when we were kids and baked bread to take across the street to Helen and her elderly mother? One of the few good times while living with that maniac...

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  1. yes i remember the bread. funny because i was thinking about helen and her mom the other day.


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