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Wonder Woman Wednesday ~ Chris

   This week's Wonder Woman is my friend Chris... CLICK HERE

   I got to know her a few years ago, when she sent me a friend request on MySpace. Actually, it just occurred to me that I've never  asked her just how she found me. No matter, I'm just glad that she did. Today, she is the only reason I even keep the MS account open. She is one of the coolest women I have ever known.

   When we first started talking, she was just getting her website started and I was amazed by her beautiful bead work. I can recall how elated she was, when she made her first big sell! She's just kept climbing higher and higher since then. Every bead artist dreams of getting to know the "greats". The ones that we aspire to be like. I am lucky, in the sense that I got to know Chris early on and watch in awe as she has has turned out one masterpiece after another. She is one of the greats and she is my friend.

   Her story is even more amazing when one hears of the struggles she has endured. That is her story to tell, but I will say that she has had a very, very, hard life. But, no matter how many times she has been knocked down, she's always jumped right back up. There is no keeping this lady down...

  You're awesome, Chris. A true Wonder Woman. Thanks for being my friend...

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