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Wonder Woman Wednesday ~ Gini

  I dub each of the next few Wednesdays as "Wonder Woman Wednesday". On each of these days, I will post about a woman who has inspired me, guided me, or somehow made a lasting impression on my life.

  Today's Wonder Woman is Gini

  Although, I had seen her name many places online, through beading groups and forums that we both belonged to, I never really got to know Gini until 2006, when she recommended me to her boss for a tech support job. We became co-workers and very soon, we also became great friends. Although we reside in the same state, we have yet to manage a meeting in person. But through many phone conversations and emails, we have shared our lives.

  We found that we both come from similar upbringings. Like me, she has never met a craft she wouldn't try. This lady is amazing! Creating amazing pieces of art from beads and clay and even gourds. She eventually started making soap and continues even today. Once you've used one of her yummy soaps or fabulous lotions, you will throw rocks at any other kind! No kidding! I have horribly dry skin due to thyroid problems and Gini's products are the first I have found to bring me relief.

  But here's the amazing part... she does all of this, still does her job as a service tech, is a great wife and mother to 2 small daughters, including one with Downs Syndrome, and still goes out of her way each day to help others. Neither the fact that she actually died, due to complications during childbirth, which had lasting side effects, including memory loss and horrible headaches, nor the fact that she had a stroke just last year, has slowed her down. She is never too busy to help her fellow man ( or woman ).

  As I said before, we have never met before in person, but still she has treated me as a sister and probably kept me out of the mental hospital. I could really call her anytime, day or night, and she will be there for me...

  ~Through all of the testing and when I finally learned that Tallen has Asperger's, she was there for me, offering comfort and support, digging up any information she could find about his disorder and passing it on to me. I actually think God put her, our boss, and myself, on a path to each other, as after we met, each of us began our journeys with special needs children.

  ~ She was actually in the hospital when I started the job she had found for me. But before she even recovered, she was on the phone, helping me learn the ropes. Always being patient with me.

 ~When I discovered I was pregnant with Ross, I was completely unprepared, and my husband was very unhappy. Which any pregnant woman can take very personally. No worries, you would think he gave birth to her now LOL, they are like Peanut Butter and Jelly! But, Gini was there for me through the whole thing, asking about every check-up, sending me back braces and vitamins, and oohing and ahhing over the latest ultrasound pics. Thinking Tallen was my last baby, I had given all of his things away. But when Ross arrived, she wanted for nothing, as Gini had made sure of that by passing on all of her babies things. She kept me happy and level headed through the whole process.

~I only have to mention a craft or project that I am interested in and she is right there with support. Sending me patterns or recipes, or supplies.

~ Quite often, out of the blue, a package will arrive from Gini, full of things that she knows I will love. It is just like Christmas! These packages always seem to arrive on some of my lowest days, uplifting my spirits and making me smile. without my saying a word, somehow she just knows...

  So Gini, I just want to thank you for always being there for me and being a true Wonder Woman, not only for me, but for many, many, others. I will probably never succeed in being even half as great a friend as you are. You are an angel, right here on Earth. I am blessed to have you as a friend and I love you!

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