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I Am So Fed Up! (LONG!)

If you tend to play the role of Devil's advocate, you probably don't want to read any further, as I am about to piss you off, BIG TIME!

  I am so sick of babies and children, being treated like garbage. What the hell is wrong with people these days? How can someone beat a small child to the point that it is brain damaged or dead? How can someone "forget" that their child is in the car and leave it there to freeze or roast in the hot sun, until it is dead? How can someone just decide one day to murder her child, let her body rot in the trunk of her car, and then just toss her out into a field, so she can have more time with her friends? How can someone molest or rape a child and be let out on the street to live amongst more children? It all just seems so crazy to me. So non-human. When I see a little child, any little child, my heart melts. When I see a child that is suffering, my heart breaks. Cheesus, I was even crying over a dang monkey, when watching Mark and Olly, on National Geographic this Monday!

  Here's a newsflash for single moms and dads out there. No man or woman, I REPEAT, NO MAN OR WOMAN, is worth compromising the well being of your child! For single mothers and fathers, hear this: being cute, hot, sweet, funny, a good lay, having a nice car, having a nice house, having a good job, does NOT automatically mean that this person, whom you met at a bar a few days ago, is a good candidate to move in with you, or to leave your kids alone with. You should screen a new partner, just like you would screen a new sitter. Or hell, if you are so sorry that you don't screen your babysitters, screen them like you would a new mechanic, or hairdresser. I get so sick of seeing news reports, where an innocent child has been killed, or raped, or maimed for life, and their parent is there, throwing their hands up, swearing on stacks of Bible's, that they had absolutely no idea what a monster they had brought home to their children. Excuse me? Why didn't you know? Is it because Hottie McHottie Pants didn't tell you he/she was a pervert/drug addict/abuser? Do those people EVER tell others those things? Well no, that would ruin their plan of brainwashing you, just to get to your kids.

   FYI a predator can molest or hurt your child in a very few minutes. In the time it takes you to mow the grass, or run to the corner for a jug of milk, or even while you are taking a shower, this person can be hurting your child! That's what they do and they are good at it! They wait for even a few minutes alone with your child and they pounce. Don't count on your child to tell you. Because of several reasons, they may just be too young to speak, or they may be so young that they think it is a game and don't realize that it is wrong, or they might be terrified because the abuser has filled their heads with horror stories of what will happen if they tell. I know because I was abused as a child and I never told. 

  Moving on... Twenty years ago, we never heard of kids being forgotten in cars. These days, it is almost epidemic! I am not saying it would be impossible to forget that your baby is in the car, especially if you are a super busy person, who does the same thing, day after day, maybe it becomes so robotic that you think you have done something when you haven't. I just have trouble grasping that as my kids are NEVER quiet and when they are, a red light goes off in my brain and I have to go see what they are up too. Heck, I am up and down all night, just making sure everyone is breathing!

  Here's my question... Why isn't more being done about this? One solution would be for parents to take just a little bit off their plates, so they wouldn't be as distracted. But, in today's economy, that isn't very likely to happen. So I propose that somebody, anybody, make a gadget that will alert parents to check their backseat, upon exiting the car. For example, once the ignition is off and the driver's side door is closed,  if any of the belts in the back are engaged, a voice would say, "Please check the back seat!" and this would be audible from the outside of the vehicle, and repeat every 15 minutes, thus increasing the chance that a passer-by might hear it, if the parent did not. The only way to turn it off would to dis-engage the back seat belts. I know this is possible, as I once had a car that would keep repeating that my lights were on. Plus, the car I drive now keeps dinging a bell to tell me when a belt is undone. I know nothing about electronics, but common sense says that in this day and age, someone could make this pretty easily.

   Finally, keep perverts away from our children! It is not uncommon that when we hear of a child being raped and murdered, it is by someone who has been to prison for sex crimes before. Why? Because he has paid his "debt to society" and deserves to be free? I'm sorry, but that is just bullshit. How does one measure what is an adequate amount of time to spend behind bars, when a person has destroyed a child? How many years for the physical problems they have caused? How many years for the nightmares? How many years for the problems this child will have the rest of his/her life with ever trusting anyone again?

  In my mind, people who harm children should have NO rights. If I had my way, they would be fitted with collars and if they even stepped within ten feet of another child, their heads would be blown to bits. It has been proven time and again that these people never lose their desire to molest children. Once they have molested, gone to prison, then been released, their main objective is to molest again, only this time, they want to be sure not to get caught and be sent back to prison, so they also murder the child. I say, send each and every one of them to Guantanamo Bay and leave them there to rot, rape each other, beat each other, kill each other. Frankly, I don't care what happens to them. Just don't ever put them back on the streets near our children.

  I'm finished, for now...

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  1. you go! Its amazing these people are let out, and their victims have to suffer for the rest of their lives. yes, their scars can heal, and they go on, but they are NEVER EVER the same.

    I will tell you this, it has always amazed me that a mother/father can abuse their children and their children are taken away and then they just have more kids.

    If they abused an adult like they did to theirr own kids, they would be sent to jail for a long time. It kills me.


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