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Weekend Leftovers

When I arrived back home from taking Cina to meet a friend on Saturday, I found this little fella out on the carport. It was raining buckets and he/she was laying there, stiff as a board. I jumped when I first saw him, then decided he/she must be a plastic toy, then saw him/her move a little bit. Once I carried it inside, it warmed up and started running around like crazy. You can't tell from the photo, but it is only around 2" long, including the tail. I Googled "Lizards in NC", but couldn't find one that looks like this.If anyone knows, please share as I want to tell Tallen, who has fallen in love with the little guy.

Renni 911

  Renni had an eventful Friday. She had been to visit me that morning and later that afternoon, she calls from her house and asked me what she should do. She went on to explain that, as she and her BF were driving up the road to her place, a man shows up out on nowhere, wearing only a T-shirt and underwear, and covered in blood. When she stopped, he didn't ask her to call for help, but wanted her to give him a ride to another part of town. She was really creeped out by the way the guy was acting and didn't see a wrecked car anywhere and he wouldn't say what had happened to him. She told him she would see what she could do for him and drove away. That's when she went home and called me. I told her to lock her doors and call 911 and explain to them what was going on. That is what she did and soon, the police and an ambulance had arrived.

  Some folks might think that she should have stayed and helped him, but I disagree. First of all, why is a man in his 40's walking along a secluded country road, covered in blood, in his underwear, and not asking for medical attention, but just wants a ride? Renni said his head and face were pretty bashed up. He could have been attacked by someone OR he could have attacked someone and this is what they did to him, and he was trying to get the Hell out of Dodge before the cops showed up. At any rate, whether he was an axe murderer or just being chased by one, I didn't want my child near him! We still don't know what was going on but if I find out, I will post an update...

  After work that same night, Renni came over and stayed for a while, then headed home around midnight. She hadn't been gone very long before our phone rang. Hubs answered and her cell was breaking up so bad that he couldn't understand her. I called her back and through the static, figured out that our neighbors house was on fire! I called 911 and gave them directions etc... I haven't been over to where the fire happened yet but hubs said there isn't much left. Luckily they were not home at the time and have another house close by to stay in...

Tallen is becoming protective of his baby sister!

   Saturday, Tallen walked over to his big sister, Cina, and punched her in the leg. He said, "Take me to school! NOW!" I said, Tallen, you can't punch people at school. You would get a paddling for doing that." He said, " I would NOT get a paddling!" Ross, the resident mocking bird, said, " I would NOT get a paddling!" Chuckling, I said, Yes, Ross, you would get a paddling for punching people, too." Tallen got very angry! He pounded his hand on his chest and said, " SHE didn't do it! did! They will NOT paddle her if they are the last school on earth!" Cina and I were so shocked by how he came to Ross' defense so fast, we both had tears in our eyes. If you knew how often he tells me to take her back where she came from etc... you would understand.

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  1. Hi, Im coming over from the SITS site. You have a wonderful blog and I was horrified and transfixed by the guy in blood story. Your child did the right thing. Im new to SITS and need friends. Please stop by and say hi and if you like my blog follow me. Im going to follow you.


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