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Poor Ross...

   Bless her heart. She spotted the cake this morning, when I was showing it to someone else and immediately announced, "That's my baby!" I explained to her that it wasn't a real baby, only a cake, and I placed the cover back on. " That's MY baby! It's crying!"  I had to carry her from the kitchen in tears. I expect that she will grow up to mother many children. Since she could say the word "baby", any and every baby that she sees belongs to her.

  This evening, Renni stopped by to get the cake and diaper cake and take them  over to the fire station, where the shower will be held. Poor Ross fell all to pieces. It was so sad. She had her arms outstretched and absolutely wailed as the cake went out the door. " Mom-mom! My baby! Where goings my baby?!" There were HUGE, real tears rolling down her cheeks. She cried till she lost her breath! Heck, I almost started crying with her.

  Tallen's reaction wasn't quite so dramatic, but he basically just told me that my sister's house was "too far away" for the baby cake. When he first saw it this morning, he smiled really big and said, " Mom! That is spectacular! It's amazing!" Due to his condition, he uses really big words in everyday situations. He sure knows how to make a gal feel good about a little ol' cake. LOL 

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