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A Little Giggle...

  My sister called me from the grocery store, making sure she had everything I needed to make the lasagna for tomorrow. I reminded her to pick up items for little gift bags for the guests. She said she also needed prizes for the games. I asked if she had any games in mind, besides the ones I already knew about.

She said, " Well there is the belly measurement contest."

I was mortified!  I had never heard of this baby shower game..." There ain't no damn body measuring my belly!" I had visions of prizes being given to the gal with a stomach bigger then the expectant mom's...

"Uh, we measure the mother's belly and everyone guesses the size."

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Thank the Lord!"

Gosh I must be extremely tired. LOL

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  1. Haha, imagine if it WAS a contest to see who had the biggest belly!
    Worst idea for a game for a room full of women to play, EVER!


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