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Twins ( sort of )

   I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. I was tempted to say 4, maybe 3, brothers. One brother, I absolutely detest, he is the devil incarnate and I hope he falls in a hole somewhere, never to be heard from again. The other brother? Well, I just wish he would take a really, really, long cruise or something. But for statistics sake, I went ahead and included them.  Anyway, back to my story.

   I have a sister who is 3.5 years older than me. Growing up, we never really looked much alike. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. I had light brown hair and hazel eyes. She had olive skin. I was pale as a ghost. She wound up being short . I wound up being average ( 5' 6"). We don't see each other a lot, even though we don't live very far apart. Basically, after a hellish, pillar to post childhood, then abusive marriages, she and I both are pretty content with just staying at home and enjoying the closest thing to normal lives that we have ever had.

  Here's the thing. We have always had that connection that usually is only heard about in twins. I'll think I should call her, almost instantly, my phone rings. We buy the same gifts for people. Once, when we worked together and needed to dress country for Fall Festival, we each bought the exact same outfit to wear, even down to the earrings! We get busting headaches on the same day. We both have been stricken with crippling joint and muscular problems. When together, we are constantly saying the same thing at the same time. Once, she had this strange bump come up on her left ear lobe. She came over to ask me about it and I laughed and showed her the strange bump that had popped up on my left earlobe. The funniest part that day was that our brother showed up out of the blue and had a bump on his left earlobe as well! Mind you, all of us rarely see each other, so it's not like it was something contagious!

  It goes on and on... I will suddenly start thinking about a relative or friend, call her and mention them and she says," Funny you should call, I was just about to call you because I ran into them today." The creepiest thing to happen was once when we were talking on the phone, and at the same moment both of our daughters" pictures came crashing off the wall and onto the floor! There are lots more of examples but you get the picture.

  Anyone else out there have similar things happen with a non-twin? I wonder is it a psychic thing or what... It is a definite close connection, at any rate.

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  1. I am responding to your inquiry posted on Daddy Times Two (Birds of a feather). Yes, I always stand when I sew. The trick for me is having the machine at the right level. Our kitchen counter works well because it's much higher than a standard table. On the downside... my feet hurt a little after standing for 3 or 4 hours. Thanks for looking at our blog!


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