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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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This week's head scratchers and latest news...

Wii Weally Wuv You Aunt Worra!

My sister, Tallen's Aunt Worra (Lorra), received a Wii Fit for Valentine's Day. Since she rarely put it to use, she decided that it might be good therapy for Tallen, helping to cure his toe walking problem and improving his balance, so she has loaned it to my family. Tallen (and the rest of us) has been having an absolute ball. His balance is really improving. His favorite activities are running and heading soccer balls. Even Hubs has given is a whirl...

Heirloom Daffodils...

Cina took this picture yesterday, when down in the bottoms, helping to feed the cows.
There are at least 50 clusters of these. The house in the background is over 100 years old. These flowers were planted by the people that lived there and share-cropped on this property. Look how tiny the cups are! Nothing like the daffies you see these days. It makes me smile, just thinking of folks taking pictures of my flowers over 100 years from now...


On my birthday, Hubs finally decided to buy me some chicks! Tractor Supply had dropped their price from $2.00 to .75 each! Hubs called me on the cell while I was out to dinner with Renni and Worra and had us meet him over at TS. I was surprised that he picked out 24 of them to take home. Right now, they're enjoying life inside an empty water heater box, underneath a heat lamp.

I tried raising some chickens last year, with no luck. I think I might have planted them too deep, but Hubs reckons that I used too much fertilizer...


Would You Like A Gastric Bypass With That??

Here's the deal, on my birthday, Renni and Worra treated me to dinner at any restaurant I chose. Of course, I chose a local Mexican restaurant. Most folks that go there on their birthday wind up donning a sombrero and having a Polaroid of themselves, wearing the horrid thing, plastered to the wall in the restaurant. I warned them not to breathe a word about my birthday or I would kill them. Lucky for them, they listened!

Once seated, my sister and I looked over our menus and really could not decide. So, we reasoned that we never get to eat out and ordered 2 entrees each, Renni followed suit, plus we ordered another entree as an appetizer LOL. The shock on our waitress' face was absolutely priceless! We could have cared less and laughed it up, enjoyed our food, and had great conversation. Of course, we didn't even make a dent in what we ordered. We left there with five to-go boxes, stuffed to their rims. The kids had a feast when we got home...

Safety Patrol

When Hubs went to Tractor Supply, he decided to take Tallen with him. This was a rare occurrance, as I am so worried that he will let Tallen out of his sight in a busy store, that I usually refuse to let him take him. I guess he caught me away from home and decided this was his chance LOL. As we're eating , Renni's cell rings and it is Cina, talking in a whisper, alerting me that Hubs  was about to leave and was planning to take Tallen with him. She was frantic as she doesn't trust hubs to take care of him either. ( I know this sound like we're crazy, but if you knew how easily distracted Hubs is and how impulsive Tallen is, you'd understand.) I assured Cina that Tallen should be fine and went back to my dinner.

Sure enough, Hubs made it all the way to town in the truck and had Tallen with him, still in one piece.`After the chicks were purchased, he loaded up them and Tallen and headed back home while I went over to visit some more with my sister, at her house. When I got home, Hubs told me that I would never believe what Tallen had told him. Here is the story...

Before coming home, Hubs had stopped to talk to our neighbor and when he pulled in their drive, Tallen turned to him and said, "You're going to get me killed, Daddy." Hubs is like, "What?!" Tallen repeats what he just said and then proceeds to rattle off every word of the airbag warning from the back of his visor. Hubs nearly crapped himself LOL Even though I m constantly telling him about Tallen's abilities, he never really believes me 100%, until he sees it himself. When our neighbor came to the truck window, Tallen re-read the warning for him. Hubs said the neighbor couldn't believe it and ran inside to get his brother, so he could hear Tallen read the warning. When the side show was over, Hubs came on to the house. He said as Tallen got out of the truck he said, " Thank goodness I'm home! I won't die today, at least!"

Another funny thing Tallen said was yesterday morning... He had grabbed one of my paintbrushes from a drawer and was walking quickly to get away with it. I spoke sternly, "Tallen! Give me that paintbrush! If you fall on it,you'll poke out your eye!" He stopped in his tracks, turned and walked back to me, placing the brush in my hand. He asked, "Is that a fact, Mama, or is it just your opinion?" How does one answer that?

There's A Cougar In Them Thar Hills!

The big buzz in the neighborhood this week is a mountain lion sighting. Trouble is, the Fish and Game Commission says there are no cougars/ mountain lions in these parts. We have one couple who says they heard one holler a few nights ago, when their yard dogs were pitching a fit. Another fella swears he saw a black one pounce on a small deer that was crossing the road, early one morning this week. Another guy, a few roads away, said he has pictures of one tearing into his chicken pens.

I am remaining open to anything at this point as I, not knowing that there are no mountain lions in these parts, saw a black one about 10 years ago. Four other people were there and saw it as well. We took turns watching it through binoculars for about 45 minutes. Nobody believed us either. My big plan for the moment is to keep my camera with me at all times, just in case. We have lots of deer on our property and that is supposed to be a cougar's main source of food. Maybe I will get lucky.


  1. I love your blog and I'm so glad that I found you. I had to laugh about the chicks.

  2. Those dafodils are so pretty. I love the old ones. And a cougar? Wow, that's interesting and a bit scary.


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