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He Otter Kept On Driving

Hearing all of the commotion over the beaver last night over the phone reminded my sister about the otter calamity we had around her a few years back. I told her I would dig out my account of the events from the archives at one of my groups and share it with y'all. So here goes...

This summer I have become warden to a wild baby rabbit that was almost killed by the hay rake. We bottle fed him and now he can eat real food and is about to wear out his welcome here in the house I think he will go out in the hutch with my other rabbit.He is a beautiful lop-earred creature that some fool sat out in the freezing cold last winter with the trash ( no kidding) A neighbor found himand when the owners said they didn't want him he was brought to me.
My husband was driving down in the field one night and a
possum ran out of nowhere and crashed into the side of the truck
tire.He broke his nose so of course he was brought back to the house
for doctoring. The funniest though is a few summers back...

My husband came in and said that on his way home he had seen an otter over on a
creek bank as he passed by.Color me stupid but I had absolutely no idea
that there were otters in these parts.I told him I hated I had missed that
as I had never saw an otter in person.I WOULD LIVE TO REGRET THOSE
WORDS !The next day my husband comes in from having gone somewhere and
is all excited. He wants me to come outside and see what he has in
the back of the Durango.As luck would have it, he happened to be right
behind the car that ran over this otter.( What the poor thing was
doing in the road we will never know) Anyway,and I pray the neighbors
did not see him,my husband stops and loads this thing up to bring
home and show me.Well, I go out and have a look. This thing is HUGE.I
had no idea it would be so large.So the kids and I oooh and ahh over it for
a bit and go back inside.

Well as the day goes on it gets hotter and
hotter out, I ask him if he had disposed of the otter yet and he says
"not yet". I remind him of the heat and suggest it might be wise to get that
thing out of the car and soon. "AWWWWWWW, it's fine", he says. Well
despite many hours dedicated to watching Animal Planet, somehow we
had never gotten the memo that otters have musk glands. That evening when
I finally insisted the otter be removed and we open the back of the car...
AHHHHH EWWWWWWW ECKKKKKKKKKK ! I have never smelled something so
horrible in my life.Linda Blair had nothing on us in the projectile
vomiting department.We all got sick.

We paid my nephew $20.00 to get that thing out of the car
and I wish I had it on video ! He tied a shirt around his face and
ran past the car quite a few times, spraying Glade air freshener in on
each pass.Really it didn't help at all. Finally he managed to get it
into a big trash can and they hauled it away to the upper pasture to
stink in peace ! I couldn't resist,I told my husband " You OTTER left
that darn thing laying there!". A while back I saw Jeff Foxworthy
saying something smelled like a dead otter.Sadly, I knew exactly what
he was talking about...


  1. now we have dead otters in the back of the car...you guys are crazy over there..lol. I had no idea that otters would smell like that.

  2. Happy Birthday! Stopping by from SITS!

  3. We've stopped and picked up turtles before but now we'll know to steer clear of any otters, lol!


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