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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers...

I Hate You, Walmart!

Last Saturday, Renni talked me into loading up the crew and going to Wally World. Her BF pushed Tallen around in a cart and also took Selly with him, so they could look for Hubs a birthday gift. Selly and I kept Ross with us and shopped for last minute Easter items and things I had forgotten to purchase for the Easter/birthday dinner. It was an event, let me tell you! Ross was talking to everyone and when she the lady who run's the Crafts department told her "bye bye!", Ross replied, "Goodbye Grandma!", over and over. I felt bad for the lady as she was only in her early 50's at most and I'm sure Ross probably hurt her feelings.

Tallen, who thinks that everyone in the world knows him and his family, kept repeatedly asking strangers, "Where is Mama?" and "Are you buying Daddy a birthday gift?" That was fine and folks thought it was cute but the trouble is that lately, he is confused over He and She and we have been trying to teach him the difference and let him know to call men "He" and women "She". He has learned the difference, but still thinks it's funny to use the wrong term, just so we will correct him. This is cute, AT HOME. At Walmart, not so funny. He kept asking people if they were a man or a woman and getting it wrong on purpose. As in, " Excuse me ma'am. Excuse me! Are you a MAN?!" or vice-versa. I wonder how many poor folks he gave a complex...

  But back to why I hate Walmart... I had picked up a play yard for Ross for $69.00. Renni said she would go through the line for me so I could take the kids on out to the car. Ages later, she comes out and says that the debit card is being rejected. My worst freaking nightmare! She says the total is like $250.??. I was like WTF! ( on the inside, of course)? We couldn't look at the receipt because the had my order on hold until I could pay. I finally tracked down Hubs, over an hour away, in the woods hunting. He said he would bring his card and pay for my stuff. So we sat and waited in the car, with sleepy children, for an eternity. I could not figure why my PayPal debit was rejected.

  Hubs finally showed up to pay and shit a brick at the total. I was just happy to be going home as I still had a ton of stuff to prepare for the next day. During the night, I looked at my receipt and realized that they had charged me TWICE for the 69.00 play yard! I called right away and told them the mistake and didn't even get a "Sorry". That's why my card was rejected, I have it riding piggy back on our checking account and had put a $200.00 limit on it, so if my card ever got into the wrong hands, they couldn't wipe out our checking. Had they not overcharged me, this wouldn't have happen. PLUS because they kept having Renni try the card over and over, PayPal froze my account until I could call Tuesday and straighten everything out...

There's Something Out There!

Last night, Selly went out to feed some of the animals. I was on the phone with my sister when she came tearing into the kitchen door, breathlessly stuttering about something being out there on the back of the truck, something scary, and hairy, and HUGE! I immediately thought "BEAR!", yanked her into the house and locked the door ( everyone knows that bears can't work door locks lol). When she could breathe, she explained that our guard dog had been barking and scratching at the back of the truck and thinking that maybe a cat was up there or something, she went to investigate. When she lowered the tail  gate, she saw by this HUGE creature. "Huge" and "Hairy" was about the only description she gave as she ran too fast to notice anything else. Turns out, Hubs had picked up a dead beaver from the road, on his way home last night, as he wants to play a joke on our *neighbor. Dang that man and his road kill fetish! Nearly gave Selly and me both a heart attack...

* Last week,the gal up the road from us shot a raccoon out of a tree behind her house because SHE THOUGHT IT WAS A BEAVER!!!!!!!! LOL we peed ourselves laughing at that one...

You Will Sign Zee Papers!

 Ross a.k.a. She-Stewie has been refining her torture techniques on me, as I sleep. I caught her in the act! Several days ago, I took down Ross' baby bed as A. It is made of metal and I hated  her always bumping herself on it and getting booboos and B. I figure she is getting old enough for the toddler bed. I should have known better as she is literally climbing the freaking walls! She had no play pen and the chances of her remaining in a toddler bed all night are ZERO. So, each night, I turn off all the lights and put her in bed with me. After the first kiss goodnight and a song or two, I pretend to sleep. Ignoring all the pats to the face and consistent , "Mom-Mom, WAKE UP!", "Give me a kiss, Mom-Mom" etc... is not easy but eventually she passes out. I usually pass out as well...

  For the last week, I have had a very tender spot on my scalp, maybe the size of a .50 piece. I couldn't remember bumping it over anything. A couple of nights ago, as I lay there pretending to sleep, Ross got very quiet and I thought she was finally asleep. After about 5 minutes, I felt her reach over and pick up my hair a.k.a. her security blanket. I thought she was just holding it to comfort herself. But, just as I was thinking, "Aww, how sweet!", I felt it... PING! She pulled out one of my hairs! Then again, I felt her gently pull on the end of another hair, pulling steadily until it popped from my scalp. That night I counted 10 hairs that she removed! The next night 14! It seems that I must have been falling asleep before her on the other nights and she was lulling herself to sleep by scalping me. No dang wonder my head is sore!

What'd You Say?

A couple of days ago, I sat down on the couch to watch TV and dozed off. I dreamed that I was at a fancy dinner party at a mansion. I was having a blast, mingling through the crowd and talking to everyone. Suddenly, I was talking to someone and I snorted! I apologized and told them I had no idea why I made that sound. Embarrassed, I excused myself and went to talk to someone else. I opened my mouth to speak and the wretched gurgling sound replaced my words yet again. I cleared my throat and tried to speak again, the same horrible noise escaped my lips. I worried why this was happening, I didn't have a cold and my throat felt fine. Yet, each time I tried to speak, it happened. Finally, I started to wake up and, as I was coming to, I heard that sound again. I had to laugh. I was SNORING! My snores had worked their way into my dream lol

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  1. too funny. though I envy the farm life, all that 'shooting animals' I couldnt do it....Im to much of a softy. I love the fact that your DH got himself some roadkill to play a trick on your neighbor....and you guys thought it was this big hairy bear, but it was a dead beaver...lol.

    as for walmart, no comment. they actually were good to me once, this christmas I bought a bunch of gifts for the kids, and when i got home, a few days later, i realized i forgot to take some of the bags off the 'circle thing'. I freaked. So i called them and asked if the cashier might of turned them in. Of courese they pretended to look, and came back to the phone and said no.
    then the guy said, just come on down with the reciept and lets us know what was on it that you left behind and we will replace it. I couldnt believe it.
    I did end up finding the bags with my stuff in it, so i never went down.


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