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Keep It G Rated Please...

Little Ross just amazes us more and more with each passing day. She has a huge vocabulary and it is easy to forget that we are talking to a child that will not turn 2 for another couple of months. I attribute this to several things, but mainly to Tallen.

He and Ross have been such blessings to each other. Her birth awoke something in him and sparked the HUGE transformation that he has gone through in the past 22 months. In a way, it seems like it has been forever since he started to come around but then I realize that 22 months is really just a short time.  One of the first real  sentences that he spoke to us was, "It's a baby!" That was also the first time we had witnessed his showing any real emotion about something. Finding out that we were pregnant with Ross was a surprise, but in no way was she an accident. I become more sure of this each day. She was sent to us, by God, as an answer to our prayers for Tallen.

          They are peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, ham and eggs, each great in their own right, yet so much better together. Because of his constant repetition, she knows her alphabet, how to count, what the different colors and shapes are, loads of sign language, and how to talk with words usually only heard on the news. Slang words are very rare in either of their vocabularies.

          In return, she speaks to him softly as if she knows how sensitive he is to loud noises. She sings to him and he joins in before he even realizes that he has let his guard down. Though he has always walked on his toes and we are trying many different exercises to help him stand flat footed, the best therapy yet is when he is following Ross around the house. As if by magic, he comes down off his toes and walks normally, like his sister. She can make him fall to the floor, with fits of glorious laughter, because she is a "dancing machine". She showers him with hugs and kisses. The other day, I had to warn Tallen not to squeeze her so tightly when he hugs her. He said, " I can't help it, Mama. She's squishy like a potato and shiny like an alarm clock." He also said, "She's my best friend! One plus one equals best friends forever." Who can argue with that? You can read more about Tallen here 

          Now, back to the reason I started this post. Lately, every time her father gives me a kiss, Ross will hold up her little hand and say, with her cute little lisp, "Stop it Daddy! Stop it!" We assumed it was out of jealousy. But apparently, it is because she thinks we should be keeping things G Rated around her. When he kissed me goodbye yesterday, up went her little hand again, "Stop it Daddy! Stop it! Don't do dat! Not in "Pront" of da baby!" 



  1. That is so unbelievably sweet! You're right, Ross is a gift from God to your family. :) I'm totally impressed that they get along so well! I'm pretty sure that me and my brother were never that close, even when we were little.

  2. oh how cute. its amazing what the older ones teach the little ones. The only problem is, they get older, and the things the older child teaches the younger one, arent things you want the younger one to know...lol (I'm kidding, I think I'm kidding)

    oh, Im a fan of you site:
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    keep up the good work


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