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Re-post From February 10, 2009

I originally wrote and posted this poem on Feruary 10th. I am not sure why, but I just had a feeling that I should re-post this today...

A Special Piece of Heaven

There’s a special piece of Heaven

Where tiny souls that pass too soon

Bask in a brilliant star shine

As they dance across the moon

A huge, galactic, playground

There beneath the stars

Full of butterflies and lightning bugs

For them to catch in jars

No safety latches, no bumps, no scratches,

No mean ol’ bees with stingers

No scratchy shirts, no shots that hurt,

No doors to slam their fingers

No gates, no locks, no chicken pox,

No tangles in their hair

And multiples of everything

So they never have to share

They sleep each night on fluffy clouds

With rainbow pillow cases

‘Neath the loving gaze of Jesus

Angels’ kisses on their faces

Though our days seem an eternity

For those babes, time flashes by

God brings us swiftly to them

So they never have to cry

He took them on ahead of us

Just for a little while

‘Cause just like us, he needed

A sweet child to make him smile

© 2009 SRF-TGR

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