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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such

Last night was pretty eventful around here. I was busy with dinner and Tallen had already bathed, but was playing in the tub, under the supervision of Selly. He absolutely loves being in water and a lot of times, when he is having a really bad day, playing in the tub is great therapy for him. Suddenly, I hear Cina scream
"Mom! Mom! Come quick!" I ran through the living room, jumped over the arm of the loveseat, put my hand on a picture as I turned the corner to the bathroom, and it shattered into a million pieces. Somehow, I didn't get cut.

I find Tallen standing in the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, covered in blood to the point that I can't even tell where he is bleeding from, and screaming ,"You've got to help me!". He's in front of the mirror, where he can see all the blood on him, which only adds to his horror. As I tear off massive wads of TP and start dabbing off the blood, trying to find the source of the bleeding, I ask Selly what happened. She starts in with her usual, "Well, you see, umm, it's like this..." Obviously trying to "write" her answer as she goes, in order to put herself in a better light and make sure that everyone knows that she had nothing to do with it. I give her the look that lets her know I'm in no mood and she should cut the crap. I finally get the whole story...

Selly, who lately seems to think that she knows better than everyone else and tends to do things the way she wants, instead of how she has been told, decided to ignore the fact that Tallen was to be allowed to stay in the tub and play. She told him to get out and he refused. Cina overheard and repeated to Selly that he was to stay in the tub and play. Selly, not being one to let Cina boss her around, decides that she will drain the tub, therefore forcing Tallen to get out. When Cina looks through the door and sees Tallen standing there in a towel, she says, " Selly! Why is he out of the tub? I told you to let him play!" Tallen, hearing this, makes a dive for the tub, forgetting there is no water in there and also apparently tripping on his way. He lands face first into the tub, busting his nose and upper lip.

Once all the blood was cleaned off of him, I could see that his injuries weren't so bad. However, he needed a band-aid for his nose and lip. I usually keep a huge supply on hand as a band-aid will cure absolutely any ailment that Tallen might have. We were completely out and Tallen was pacing from room to room, crying his eyes out. I put him on the phone with his aunt Worra, trying to calm him down. He told her, "You have to come now! Please help me! Bring band-aids!", which I am sure must have broken her heart. All the chaos had Ross going off the deep end, crying her eyes out and snubbing, trying to catch her breath and call out to Tallen at the same time. Even though she isn't even two years old and Tallen is her older brother, she really senses that he is special and she feels like she is his protector. It breaks her heart if he cries.

Finally, we got MIL on the phone and she said she had band-aids. Fiance and Selly drove up the street to get them, but facing the Spanish Inquisition from MIL when they arrived, it took 45 minutes to get back from what should have been a 5 minute trip. ( Stuff like this makes me crazy as if she would even take 2 seconds to give a damn about Tallen's condition, she would understand how important it was for them to hurry back.) As it was, in order to calm him down, Renni made him some "band-aids" from packing tape and paper towels to stop his tears and calm him down. Man, that was a sight! He looked like Hannibal Lector, when they had that gadget on his face to keep him from biting people...

After it was all over, Tallen said, "Mama, my trick didn't work. I tried to poke the bathtub with my nose. But, the tub is hard and my nose is soft..."

Selly Doesn't Drive

Renni pointed out to me yesterday that, in my post about Bojangles, I mistakenly stated that Selly had been driving me around town. More proof that my brain is turning to mashed puh-taters! LOL I edited the post and corrected it.

Tallen Wants To Blog

When I went under Edit Posts, I saw an entry saved as a draft, with Tallen's name on it. I couldn't remember typing that one, because I hadn't. It seems that Tallen caught me away from the computer and decided y'all might be interested in how well he can type his alphabet! He just happened to hit Save instead of Publish LOL

Tallen Also Wants Some Felt Food

When I found him on the kitchen computer, browsing felt food, at Pottery Barn Kids, I thought he must have just clicked a banner ad or something. But, yesterday, I found him on my computer, at Pottery Barn Kids again, looking at the felt food. I asked him, "Tallen, do you like that stuff?" He said, " Yeah, I want to borrow it. I'm going to ask Renni to borrow it for me."

Tallen Has Also Found A New Use For Hamburger Buns

Sometimes, Tallen will happen upon a web page that has loud music. He knows how to adjust the volume on the computer, but when a loud sound happens too suddenly, he forgets to adjust the volume and panics. I quietly watched yesterday, as he found himself bombarded with loud music, jumped up from his chair, ran to the breadbox and took a hamburger bun from the bag, held a half over each ear, and went back to his chair. I had to laugh...

Ross Is Smarter And Much Braver Than The Rest Of Us

Hubs is a total Western Channel addict. Usually, in the evenings, he is out doing this or that and we get to watch whatever on the TV. Most times, I just Tivo what I want to see and put it on something for the little ones. A couple of nights ago, it was raining out, so Hubs stayed in, watching The Western Channel. Ross caught him dozing off and snatched the remote. He jumped and said, "Hey! Come back here with that!" She ignored him and started running in circles, pushing buttons the whole time! Amazingly, a little channel guide popped up on the screen ( one I have never seen and cannot make pop-up again LOL). She scrolled down through the channels, changed the TV to Ni Hao, Kai-lan ( one of her favorite shows), handed the remote back to Hubs, and sat down to watch TV. Now, I am sure this had to be a total coincidence, but the way she pulled it off so smoothly, without a hitch, was very impressive.

Happy 12th Birthday Selly!

This past year has been challenging and educational, to say the least! Here's hoping we both come out the other side being better people for it!

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