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At first, I worried this post might be too long. Then I remembered that, part of the beauty of blogging is, I am my own editor...

So, here goes...

Mother's Day

Hub's and the kids gave me a beautiful card and a dozen red roses ( really, there were only 11 roses. We'll just call it a, "That's what Walmart had left, on late night Saturday, when Hub's remembered" dozen. Plus, it's the thought that counts...) I wanted to share a picture of the roses but, after Tallen knocked over the vase countless times, while trying to smell them, I have most of them held together with toothpicks and packing tape. But I will show you what happens when Tallen opens a musical card and wonders where the music is coming from. I found him on the couch this morning, holding this... There was a tear in his eye, after I said, "OH NO! That's my Mother's Day Card." I'm pretty sure that his remorse derived from having been caught, before he could claw out the magical, musical, doodad, and not from the sad look on my face.

Anyway, I spent most of Mother's Day in my nightgown, looking too scary for public consumption.

In the spirit of "keeping it real", I will share with you, my dear readers, that I just had to bring this blog post to a screeching halt and leave my desk. "Why?", you ask. Well, I had taken advantage of the fact that Ross was in the living room, safely in her play yard, singing, dancing, and eating a piece of cheese, as she watched Gullah Gullah Island, and hurried to catch up my blog. When I heard a dramatic, "Hep me, MomMom! Hep me!"

I went in and asked, " What's wrong?"

She held forth her tiny little hand and said, " My pinger."

"Aww. You hurt your finger?"

"Yes." She nodded.

I couldn't see well, as the living room is pretty dark, when the light is off and the shade is pulled down. By the glow of the TV, thinking that maybe she had bitten her finger, I held her little hand to my mouth and kissed it. That's when the smell hit me. Sniff! Sniff! That odor was not cheese!

"Oh Lord!, Ross, have you pooped your pants?!

"Smiling, like I had just guessed the answer to a riddle, she shouts, "Yes!"

Now, after cleaning her, the play yard, the carpet, brushing my teeth several times, and giving myself a Listerine facial, I am back!

Back to Mother's Day... 

I spent most of Mother's Day in my nightgown, looking too scary for public consumption. The kids didn't do the brunch thing, as Renni had to work until 5:30 that evening. It was decided that we would meet Renni and Fiance at Pizza Hut at 7:00 that night. So there I was, watching Pretty Woman, when the phone rings. It was my SIL, calls to remind Hubs about the Mother's Day cookout at his mom's house and is wanting to know why we are so late. This was news to me, as Hubs had forgotten to mention that we were invited. I was like ( mentally), "Oh Well, sucks that we missed that. NOT" and returned to watching my movie. ( I went with a date to see Pretty Woman years ago, at the drive-in, but can't seem to remember a dang thing about the movie LOL) I can feel Hub's eyes burning me, as I stare at the TV...

"Honey, I would really like to go by up Mom's"

"OK, well you run on and have fun. I'll be right here, enjoying Mother's Day with the kids."

"But, I'd really like for y'all to come with me..."

"Who's there?"

"Just Mom, my sister , her daughter ( Hub's Niece), and the kids." 

(Hub's niece has  kids almost the same age as Tallen and Ross. She used to invite my kids to her kids' birthday parties. But, after Hub's insisted on taking Tallen, at age 3, to a X-mas get-together at MIL's, which I thought would be too large a crowd for Tallen to handle, Tallen couldn't stand the noise and went spastic, just as I had predicted. She called Selly to the side and made some smart ass comment about why on earth would we let him act like that. Since, then, she has sent no more b-day party invitations, pretending that they haven't had any parties. Yet, mysteriously, the rest of the family vanishes on those kids' birthdays for a few hours. Plus, a couple of folks have slipped up and mentioned the parties...)

I did NOT want to go, as I was having a perfectly nice Mother's Day here at home. But, I compromised and told hubs we could leave a couple of hours early for dinner and stop by MIL's. I got everyone ready to go and we were off. Bad idea! As usual, hubs enjoyed himself, chatting to his BIL, while the girls and I wrangled the little ones. Especially terrifying, as her house is right along the road. Tallen got all hot and sweaty and also banged his head and his knee. Ross fell several times and scraped her knee. Needless to say, they were a sight by the time we made it to town for dinner. Here are some pics of the kids from Sunday.



Tallen, just before he made

another mad dash across the lawn...

Ross, as we were heading into Pizza Hut.
"Did someone say, ' Tuscani Pasta'? "

Selly, sliding into our booth
to grab a Chocolate Dunker...


Surprise shot of Renni,
who had Tallen seated next
to her for the whole meal.
I think she might be praying...

Ross, just before she noticed
that the rest of our dinner
party had escaped to the arcade area.
She asked where everyone was, in turn.
Then said, " I'm scaaaa-urd, MomMom!"

Dinner was great. We sang in the car, all the way home. Tallen provided a back-up chorus of "I'm not going home! I hate going home! I hate you all!" He was actually fine after we made it back to the house...

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