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Mighty Monday

Welcome to Mighty Monday! I'll admit that I have never managed well with "To Do" lists. Actually, adding something to a list is almost a guarantee that I won't get around to it. If, by some miracle, I manage not to lose the list, there is still that tiny spark of rebellion in me, that makes me hate all things regimented. So, each Monday, I will post a list of things that I might get accomplished in the coming week. The following Sunday, I will post a list of what I actually finished.

Feel free to make your own Mighty Monday list and post the link below...

To Do Might Do List...

1. Sew diapers for my sister's dog, Dottie.

2. Clean out the gutters.

3. Re-decorate my blog.

4. Finish two other blogs that I have been working on.

5. Color my hair.

6. Brave the kicking and screaming and take Tallen in for a much needed hair cut.

7. Give up and cut Tallen's hair myself.

8. Clean my carpets.

9. Locate a lost packet of Peter Pepper seeds.

10. Get along with Hubs for a whole week.

Here goes...


  1. #5 is at the top of my list!!! And why is it only the straggly grays sick out?

  2. Wow, you're putting your list on the net? Now that means you HAVE to do everything. I don't think I could put my list on the net. I have a Palm Zire that I keep track of things on. I don't use the "to do list" function, I just put whatever I have to do on the appropriate day. That works pretty well for me. I still make lists though, which is silly.

  3. I actually colored my hair yesterday, I couldn't stand the roots.

    You know something that is on my list that takes me forever to get done, washing the kitchen floor. I really should do it more often since the kids use it as a plate.

  4. good luck on that one. Poor Tallen...lol. crewcuts, summer is coming.....

  5. Went ahead and did #7, so I don't have to foll with #6...
    2 Down and 8 to go!


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