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Sunday Sampler

We decided that we would have a dinner of tator tots and fish sticks (Ross' favorite) last night. Renni also bought her an adorable cake, with Elmo and Grover in an airplane. We will have the big combo party for her and Selly next weekend, when the weather should be better. Which gives me more time to pull stuff together. Plus, I have to make three cakes. Tallen just gets so upset, whenever it is any one's birthday but his, we decided it would be best just to make him his own cake to begin with. Here are some pictures of Ross on her big day. I just love the ones where she is trying to blow out the candles...

I have to share a funny about Tallen...

It is amazing to think that just two short years ago, Tallen treated us like we weren't even here. He talked to himself mostly, about numbers, letters, shapes, etc... To have a conversation with him was but a dream at that time. I credit the birth of Ross with bringing him out of his shell a lot. Now days, he can tell us about what he dreamed the night before, what he wants for breakfast, little things that we almost take for granted now. He also has developed a gift for telling elaborate stories about his "past" life...

There is a little pillow here that someone gave to me when Ross was born. It has a place on the front, where you can write in all her birth info. There are several jungle animals, also pictured on the front. Well, Tallen immediately fell in love with it and claimed it for his own. One day, Selly told Tallen that the pillow was actually supposed to belong to Ross. He said, " No it doesn't! I bought that pillow, when I was a little kid, living in the Rain Forest!". Lately, we've been hearing more and more of his cute little tales.

Well, the other day, Tallen was holding a leaf and he told Selly,"I found this leaf, last summer." Selly, who seems to love to get Tallen upset, didn't realize that I was listening, and told him, in a really pissy tone, "No you didn't!". Well, I stepped around the corner and told Selly, "Shame on you! What kind of thrill do you get from trying to upset a little kid? He's just developing his imagination. You seem to forget that he was barely talking to you a couple of short years ago. Try to remember that, not only is he just five years old, but that he also has Asperger's. Then see if you can't be a little more understanding. Upon hearing this, Tallen shouts, "Ass Burgers?! YUCK!". We all roared laughing...


  1. LOL! That's funny!

    Sweet birthday pics too!!!

  2. The pictures are adorable and the story hilarious!

  3. Ass burgers! I got a good laugh out of that one!


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