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Tip Me Tuesday

Welcome to Tip Me Tuesday! The Blogisphere is full of wonderful people, willing to share great advice. We just have to ask for it. That is why I have invented Tip Me Tuesday. An easy way to ask for tips and suggestions about any problem you might be having. Nothing is off limits and everyone is welcome to participate. Or just share a great tip of your own. Just make your own Tip Me Tuesday post and return to leave the link below...

Today's tip is for anyone with hair that tends to tangle. Or for anyone that has ever went through the frustrating, tear-filled process of removing tangles from their childrens' hair. Instead of forking out cash for expensive detanglers, I simply purchased a spray bottle from Wally World, put in a couple of squirts of conditioner, fill the rest with warm water, and shake. It really works just as well as the expensive stuff.

Also, don't waste your money on leave in conditioners. Any conditioner can be used as a leave in. Just comb a small dollop through your hair while still wet and style as usual. I always use the stuff I get free with coupons. I have super-long, naturally curly hair, and I have done this for years to tame my mane. There is no greasy residue, like you might think...

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  1. Great tip! I always feel like I'm destroying my hair trying to brush out the tangles!


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