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An Award!

This award was presented to me by John. over at Special needs in Munchkin Land .

This prize wants to recognize and to give value to: 

1º.-The Commitment by an Education of Quality. 

2º.-The Bets on the Inclusion of the Tic's in the Classroom. 

3º.-The effort of parents, professional and educational centers by incorporating the Tic's to the educational process. 

4º.-The fights by defending through the Teaching Values as: Solidarity, Love, Affection, Respect, Effort, Aid, Support, to Share and Commitment with the future of ours, children and students. 

5º.-Reconocer and to value the effort of the families, professional and educational centers by integrating of effective form in the cabbages and in the company to the children and special students, trying them tons of love and enabling them all the resources to our reach.

You can find out more about the award and also visit John's great and informative new blog, by following the link. Thanks John! You're spoiling me with so many awards : )

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  1. See I'm right, you are great! Congrats on the award.


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