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Go Figure Friday, Evening Edition

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

Ross Has a Memory Like an Elephant...

Well over a year ago, when Tallen was still refusing to wear clothes most of the time, he came through the house one day, in the buff, and announced that he wanted to "pee outside!." There was a huge ordeal about it, because I wouldn't let him do that, and so he had a huge tantrum.

So anyway, night before last, Ross strips down to her birthday suit and announces, "I want to pee outside!" Renni and Fiance were also here and we all looked at each other like, "Did she really just say that?" I said, "Ross, we have to put your clothes back on." She ran from me, screaming, "NO! I SAID, I WANT TO PEE OUTSIDE!." Really, it was almost identical to the tantrum that Tallen had so long ago. It was so surreal. Of course, I didn't let her pee outside, but I did have to laugh at her marvelous acting abilities and her super memory.

BIL is Still Being an Ass

 After showing his arse on Monday night, I guess BIL was afraid to show his face back at out house. Wednesday night, hubs came in after 9:30 pm and was dog tired. Just as I was rattling off the names of folks that had called for him that day, the phone rang from MIL's number, knowing she would be in bed already, which meant it was BIL, I rolled my eyes and gave Hubs the phone.

  He was drunk again. Hubs was starving, so I went ahead and brought his dinner into the living room and placed it on a tray table, in front of him.  At first, BIL was friendly, telling Hub's that he would be here Friday afternoon (today) and weld the piece for him, that he was supposed to have welded on Monday. Hubs says that is fine but that he has to work on Friday and might not be in till late. BIL says "Yeah right. Like you really have to work. Bullshit." ( Somehow, BIL is under the impression that we are rolling in dough and that any work we do is just for the thrill of it and that any money we earn is just adding to out massive bank account. This is NOT the case, we work to survive and we don't have a huge bank account). Hubs tells him that he's not sure what he means by that but that Yes, he really does have to work. All the time, Hubs is doing his best to eat his dinner.

   When BIL was here on Monday, he had said to Hubs, " I don't have any kids. I'm no good. I'm just a steer." Well Hubs said, "Well, maybe you are..." So that night, on the phone BIL says, "You called me a damned steer and I don't appreciate it!" LOL Hubs told him that no, he had merely agreed with what he had said. So then he goes into a whole mess of shit about how Hubs thinks he's better than him, because he has a wife and kids and  he doesn't. That Hubs had everything handed to him and thinks that he deserves nothing. Mind you, he's using huge cuss words through the whole conversation and Hubs remained calm. Until BIL said that Hubs hated his mother and father and had once even told him so. Hubs says, "That's a damn lie! I never said that because I have never once even thought that I hated Mama and Daddy!" Well BIL  then says, "Who do you think you are, using that kind of language?!" I had to laugh because BIL had been cussing a blue streak the whole time and then went off the deep end, when Hubs said one bad word. Hubs said, "Look! I've been sitting here for almost two hours, listening to a damned drunk cuss me like a dog. I'll be damned if you're going to tell me what I can and can't say!" BIL hung up with a quickness and we haven't heard from him since.

 Next morning, Hubs called their sister and told her that they are going to have to address the situation with BIL, especially since he is living with MIL and his drinking is getting worse and worse. She agreed. I'm not sure how they are going to go about this.

Selly the Crumb Snatcher

   Most of my regular readers know what a plethora of BS that I went through with Selly, a few weeks ago. The result was that I took her room away completely. I also took away all her luxuries. She is having to earn them back, one at a time. This seemed to be working but now, she has started some even more off the wall stuff...

  One day, couple of weeks ago, Ross was inconsolable. This is unusual for her. If she is acting that way, she is either extremely sleepy or hungry. Well I knew she wasn't sleepy as she had taken her nap that day. I knew she couldn't be hungry as she had just eaten a tuna sandwich and chips, like maybe half an hour before. Tallen had also eaten a tuna sandwich. There had been enough left over to make another sandwich. Well, when I went back into the kitchen, the rest of the tuna was gone. So I asked Selly if she had eaten it. She said she hadn't eaten any tuna. This whole while, Ross is screaming bloody murder. I'm thinking that her appetite sure has increased, as I make her another sandwich. Well she tears into it like she is starving! I ask Selly, "Did she eat her other sandwich?" She says, "Yes." I'm like, "You actually saw her eat it?" Again, she says, "Yes." I look at her and catch that old familiar LIAR look on her face. So I continue questioning her and eventually, she spills the beans and admits that not only did she eat the rest of tuna from the can but that she had also eaten Ross' sandwich.

   I was livid! First of all, Selly can eat whenever she wants. So why lie about eating the tuna from the can? More importantly, why lie and pretend that Ross had eaten, all the while knowing that she was crying because she was hungry? Just senseless...

  So today, the girls got out of school early. Before they arrived home, I had cooked eggs and bacon for lunch, mainly because that is what Tallen wanted. So the girls come in and right away, Selly asks if she can have a sandwich and I said, "Sure." Then she asked if she could have a piece of dessert pizza that Renni had brought over. Again I said she could. Well, she sits down at the kitchen computer, to help Tallen with something, and when she moves away, His plate is empty! I knew that he hadn't eaten that fast and asked her had she just sat there and eaten his food. She lied and said she hadn't. I gave her THE LOOK and she quickly admitted that yes she had.

  It pisses me off so bad! Mainly because, it is really important that I keep up with what the little ones have and have not eaten. That makes twice that, had I not caught her, she would have eaten their food and I wouldn't have been any the wiser. Besides, why does she lie about stupid stuff? It makes me crazy...


  1. They are kids. They lie. It's part of their job. It's a really hard habit to break them of. My daughter is 16 and my son is 14 and they still think they can boldface lie to us. We don't let them get away with it though.

  2. Al Anon saved my life years ago. I gave up on a drinking friend of mine and walked away. 5 years later he isn't drinking. I gave up, God didn't. But I had to walk away. Took care of myself and God took care of the rest.

    Love the pee outside stories. My 4 year old grandson is no where near interested in potty training. Hides his spiffy new underpants. I'd be grateful at this point if he said that to me :-)


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