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Color Me Pissed!

This may well be the longest post I have written to date. My temples are throbbing and I am so mad right now that, if I don't vent, my head might explode. So, if you are easily offended by bad language and such, you might want to stop here...

OK, last night was Girls Night Out. I had a perfectly great evening with Renni, Lorra, and Fiance. We went to Chili's. The food was great. There was a lady laughing like a mad horse, in the booth behind us, but we just took it in stride and I had Renni record it on her cell phone, for posting to the blog ( soon as we figure out how) cause I knew y'all would love it. LOL

Anyway, we dropped off Lorra and then Renni and Fiance drove me home. This was around midnight. Well, as we top the hill and the house comes into view, we see a truck sitting in the drive and Hubs is at the open driver's side door, talking to someone inside. Turns out that it was Hub's brother. So we pull in and start unloading the things I had bought while at town, including an order of fajitas for Hubs. Now, if I know anything, I know that if BIL is here at that hour, he is drinking. This man is not a happy drunk, he is a crying, whining, hugging, drunk. So, wanting to just cling to my happy mood, I carrying on with taking things from the car and start to head towards the house. No such luck...

Seeing the carry out bags, BIL shouts, "Hey! What's for dinner?". I say, "Fajitas." and continue toward the house. Hubs, who hadn't seen my new hair color before I left, shouts, "Well, looky there! I got me a red head!". He tells his brother, "She didn't have red hair, the last time I saw her." BIL says, "Well, at least that gives you a variety..." and flips on the truck lights, blinding me in the process, so he can have a better look. Typical stupid drunk stuff.

I wave to him and start toward the house AGAIN where Renni and Fiance have already gone inside. Well, BIL yells out to me, "Hey! I'm glad you're here. C'mere a second. I need you to help me with something." So, I walk over to the truck, hand Hubs, who is now standing clear over past the passenger's side ( trying to break off the conversation and go inside), the bags of food, and walk around the open truck door and am standing right next to BIL. Well he is bent down across the seat, feeling for something under the passenger's side. Before I even know what is happening, I am staring down the barrel of the biggest frigging pistol, I have ever seen in my life! He is holding it out to me, his finger on the freaking trigger, and says,"I need you to take this right here and put a hole in my head with it.". That's when I realized that he wasn't just drunk but, completely and totally shit faced drunk!. I jumped and was like, "You fucking idiot! Put that thing away!" Of course, I was walking away as I said this. Hubs said nothing. I said,"Why in the world would you want a hole in your head? Life's not that bad..." I was so shook up at that point, I don't even know what his reply was. I went inside and soon Hubs came in. BIL drove away, I guess going up the street to sleep it off.

Now, I just want to say here that while BIL might try to explain later that he only did this because he was drunk, the point is, he wasn't drunk when he arrived. He was drinking and then proceeded to sit in my damn driveway and down a bottle of Wild Turkey. So fuck his excuses. He shouldn't have came down here to begin with, when he was still in his right mind. I will deal with him later, but right now, Hubs is who I am so pissed at...

After we came inside and Renni had gone home and Hubs was chowing down on the dinner I brought him, it started... I asked hubs how long BIL had had him trapped in the driveway, listening to his whining. Hubs said that, not knowing he was drinking, he had asked him to come over and weld a piece of equipment for him. But, when he showed up, before dark, he started his whining, crying, I'm a 45 year old loser, that still lives with his mama, who doesn't have a wife and kids, and you have a wife and kids, poor me routine... and that he had been stuck listening to him for hours. Well, of course, I pointed out that when BIL sobers up, he needs to be told that when he decides to drink, to politely keep his ass at home and think twice before coming here and sticking a gun in my effing face again.

I swear, Hubs says,"Are you really that distraught over what happened?"
I was like, "Hell yes!"
"Are you serious? Why? Because your drunk ass brother just pointed a damn gun at me!"
"Well yeah, but he didn't want to shoot you. He wanted you to shoot him..."
"Well duh! But the gun was pointed at me! If his finger had slipped, he would have shot me! I have babies! The last thing they need is for their mama to be gunned down in her driveway by some stupid ass drunk!"
"Yeah, but, he didn't shoot you. You're getting upset over something that didn't even happen..."
"Oh my sweet Lord! So, you're saying that unless he actually shoots me, I shouldn't be upset?"
"Wouldn't it be a better idea to address the problem now, before he actually shoots me or someone else? I mean, if if I'm dead, I can't exactly complain about being shot..."
"Well anyway, you should have said all of this to him, when it happened, not wait till he leaves and then bitch at me about it."
"Um, first of all, he was drunk with a pistol, it wouldn't have been very smart to argue with him. Secondly, he needs to be told off, when he is sober, so he can actually absorb the conversation. And third, what self respecting man would actually encourage their wife to argue with a pistol wielding drunk?"
"See, that's how you are, always blowing everything out of proportion..."
"Hubs, we'd best end this conversation, before I knock your damned head off."
"See, now you're mad at me and I didn't even do anything."
"I said drop it."

Of course, he didn't have the good sense to shut up. He then asked me why I had deleted a message from his cell phone that contained his daughter's new phone number. I hadn't deleted it. More than likely, he accidentally did it himself. I did tell him however, that I really wouldn't have a problem with deleting her number. Since she is a hag and is mean to Tallen, a defenseless little boy, when she is a grown ass woman, with Daddy issues. All because she is jealous of me and the kids we had together, but that I really couldn't blame her because, if I were her, I'd be jealous of his super hot wife (snort) and his adorable, super intelligent children, too. And that I can't imagine why he would he want to subject himself to a conversation with her, listening to her endless ramble of mindless stupidity. Maybe I went overboard a bit, but I was already pissed to the gills. But honestly, I never deleted any message.  I ignored him after that and I went to sleep.

So, this morning, everything was going fine, until HE brought up the thing with his brother again. So, of course, I stated my opinion again. Which led to him getting all defensive on his brother's behalf. I told him that it really amazes me that when someone is a threat to me, he gets more angry with my reaction to it, than he ever gets about the fact that they did something to his wife. At one point he yelled at me and I told him that THAT was the way he should have yelled at his brother, last night. He told me I had ruined his damn day and left to do errands. Ah, ain't life grand?!...


  1. I think that you should take up drinking as a sport. Maybe we could team up.

  2. I'm right there with you Dawna. I knew exactly what the argument would be before I read it. In fact, the brother wouldn't be allowed on my property again, not that that can ever stick.

  3. ROFL, Sonya Ann! Lord help 'em all if I ever DO decide to take up drinking...

  4. Elizabeth, I don't think he should be allowed back. I grew up around a bunch of drunk stupidity and it ruined my nerves for life. I have never let folks be around my kids drinking and I don't think BIL should be an exception. Thank goodness they missed all that went on last night!

    Anyway, I am sure Hubs will just let it slide. Amazing how colks can do dumb stuff like that and Hubs is Hunky Dorie with it, but let me complain and I am considered an over-reactive bitch...

  5. DRM...now now...your the one who lives out in hicville.....lol Dont they all carry guns out there? (only kidding)

    Just the site of the gun would of freaked me out....I cant imagine the darn thing being pointed at me by someone who was drunk.

    Im on your side on this one.....Hub needs to really think this one out. Drunks and guns arent really a good match.

  6. oh, arent you just getting fancy smashy with your blog...lol It really looks great.

  7. Oh wow! You'd better tell your hubby that he is darned lucky that I wasn't there, because I'd have taken that gun from BIL and whammed him over the head with it! I'm not kidding!! I lived by an alcoholic for a number of years, when my hubby and I were first married and renting a house. She was the same way as your BIL; she crossed the line though when she said that she hated my husband and my kids, but that she and I had a "personal connection!" WHAT?? I was like, "A PERSONAL CONNECTION??? I DON'T THINK SO!" Needless to say, since we were just renting, we soon moved to the other side of town.

    Your BIL would never be allowed on my property again....ever. A drunk and a gun...not good!

  8. John,
    Most folks in these parts do keep guns. Hubs has guns. But as for me, I am skeered to death of them. I won't even touch one. Thanks for being on MY side :)
    Also, thanks for noticing the changes here. For a while there, I thought nobody noticed, so I whined LOL

  9. Thanks, A. Marie! If I have my way, he won't be back down here again. I'm hoping that his brothers and sister will catch him sober and take his gun. He is the baby of the family and they tend to pet his rear...

  10. Okay, I'm not understanding why husband is not defending his wife regardless of who it is! Bear would have killed his brother for doing something like that to me. Is this your husband's way of covering up being scared of facing down his brother sober or making him realize what he has done?

    Just to make one thing perfectly clear - Actually two - IT IS NOT OKAY FOR ANYONE TO POINT A GUN LOADED OR NOT AT ANOTHER PERSON - nor is it okay for your spouse to not take care of the situation with his own family. In my neck of the woods - you point a gun at someone you better be prepared to use sober or not because if you don't they will!

    Can you talk to his mother at all about what happened?

  11. Most times folks keep things like this from MIL, because she is old and they don't want to worry her.

    Hubs and I go through this a lot. I am not sure why he won't defend me. Most times he just says that he doesn't see the problem. I know it isn't out of fear, because I have seen him get angry and defend other folks. I do know it hurts my feelings.
    Like when Hub's grown daughter from a previous marriage, said some really awful stuff about Tallen and I ripped her a new one. She whined to her older brother and he called here and on speaker phone, called me a bitch and said he was going to beat the hell out of me. Hubs didn't even flinch. When I questioned him about it, he said because he knew that he was just upset, because he sister's whining had got on his nerves and that he really didn't mean it. Finally, three weeks later, Hubs said something to him, but not in an angry way.
    Sometimes, he tells me to handle it myself, so I put folks in their place, then Hubs gets mad at me for doing so. It's a no win situation.
    With BIL, the whole dang family pets him.
    I do feel that, as far as Hub's family goes, he should handle them. Just like I would handle my family, if they did something to Hub's...


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