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I Made A Storybook!

Head over to SITS to enter an awesome contest! Lots of great prizes, including a bounce house! One of the entry requirements is to go to www.fishfulthinking.com and create your own storybook. By doing this, you will also be in the running for a 10,000.00 Scholarship for your child!

HERE is the link to my storybook. I had no idea what I would write about, when going there, a few minutes ago. But, somehow, the words just seemed to flow. I don't think it is exactly what they had in mind. But, oh well, Tallen has to use some form of "Fishful Thinking" everyday. Please let me know what you think of my storybook and if you want, make your own.


  1. Pretty awesome! Stopping by from SITS to Share Some Comment Love!

  2. Wow, this is just beautiful! SITS sent me over this morning...

  3. hi
    cried when i read this. T holds a place in my heart nobody else will ever touch.

  4. I love your storybook, hope there is a way you can print it out and give it to T=allen when he gets older.

  5. Hey! Stopping by from sits because you commented above me!


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