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Mighty Monday

Welcome to Mighty Monday! I'll admit that I have never managed well with "To Do" lists. Actually, adding something to a list is almost a guarantee that I won't get around to it. If, by some miracle, I manage not to lose the list, there is still that tiny spark of rebellion in me, that makes me hate all things regimented. So, each Monday, I will post a list of things that I might get accomplished in the coming week. The following Sunday, I will post a list of what I actually finished.

Feel free to make your own Mighty Monday list and post the link below in the Mr Linky form...

* I am a little annoyed today, so I am abandoning my usual running list, for a special list. Just for this week...

To Do Might Do List...

1. I might actually get to sleep an entire night through, without Hubs waking me to ask, "Can't you hear that youngun crying? (My point is, if he does hear her, then why not see if he can give her what she needs and let me sleep for once?)

2. I might actually be able to serve Hubs a meal without him asking, "Were we out of salt? Is the the way you usually cook this? Didn't we have any fresh bread?" ( To never prepare a meal, he sure knows a lot about how food should be prepared.)

3. I might actually get the kids to sleep at night and spend a few minutes to myself, without Hubs calling through the house, "Where are you? What are you doing? Is it more important than me?" ( This is after I have been home all day with the kids, while he was off doing whatever he wanted. Was that more important than me?)

4. I might actually get to simply walk into the bathroom and take a shower, with no concern as to who is watching the children. ( Hubs gets to do this.)

5. I might hop in the car and drive somewhere that I want to go and stay gone as long as I want. Without telling Hubs where I am going, who I will be with, or asking if he minds staying home alone with the kids all day. ( Works for him.)

6. I might actually get to talk to someone on the phone, without it turning into a double conversation. Hubs might not ask me, "Who are you talking to? "What's going on with them?" Tell them I said 'Hey'. Didn't y'all already talk today? How long have you been on that phone? Isn't it about supper time?" ( He totally goes off the deep end if I try to speak to him while he's on the phone.

7. I might actually be able to take a pee, without everyone and their brother talking to me through the bathroom door. The people in this house can ignore me the rest of the time, but let me stick a phone to my ear, or my rear to the toilet seat, and suddenly, they want to talk. I swear, I feel like a priest, sitting behind that door, answering questions and having general conversation.

8. I might actually be able to take a bite of food without Hubs asking, "Hey, what are you eating there? Did you make me one? Do you know the last time I ate?" ( Hubs can ride around all day, eating burgers, hot dogs,and snack cakes. But let me go all day, too busy to eat, and finally get a chance to slap some cheese between two crackers and suddenly, I am living high on the hog while I watch him starve.)

10. I might actually give Hubs some sound advice on something and him say "Thank You" and follow it. Instead of him telling me that he doesn't think that's a good idea, only to turn around the next day and repeat it to someone else, pretending it was his idea. Or even worse, think I have a bad idea and then, when some farmer up the road tells him the exact same thing, follow it like it is the gospel. ( Maybe I should chew tobacco and scratch my crotch when I tell him something. Maybe that would make me more believable...)


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  1. When I was reading this post I forgot where I was and thought that it was something I had written, LOL.
    Seriously...I have that same "might do" list everyday too.
    I have only one son and he is 6yrs old...but I love to tell people I actually have two kids...My son and MY HUSBAND...hahahah. (I joke, I joke...really! LOL)


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