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Remembering Daddy

My daddy lost his battle with cancer, 3 months before I turned 8 years old. I have been told by people, an older brother especially, that no way do I remember him as well as I claim. They are so mistaken. First of all, I have the memory of an elephant. Secondly, I can remember as far back as sleeping in a baby bed, so of course, I remember my daddy...

I remember that he loved to sing. He was always singing some song or another.

... that he couldn't read very well, because he had left school as a very small boy. His own father had passed and he, being the only male child at the time, was expected to help provide a living. He chopped wood and sold it to folks in the neighborhood.

... that even though he wasn't a good reader, he told the best stories ever and often lulled me to sleep with them.

... that he made me rings from colored electrical wires.

... that he made me whistles from skinny tree branches. ( I can't remember what kind of tree it was, I wish I could, so I could make them for my own kids.)

... that he could make almost anything from wood.

... that he made ships in bottles and he didn't cheat and cut the bottoms off, put in the ship, and the glue them back on. He did it the hard way.

...that he made beautiful trigger guards from silverware handles

... that when my mother wasn't around, he would sneak me a little cup of sugar, take me outside and let me put a bit of it near an ant hole. We'd watch as one ant would sample it, run into the hole, and the tons of ants would come running out for the sugar.

...that he drew the best stick people ever.

...that he grew gourds. If anyone ever forgot their hat at the house, he'd draw their face on a gourd, place the hat on it, and set it on the mantle for us all to laugh at.

...that he was a great cook. My favorite were the stacks of pancakes as big around as the plate they were on.

...that he was a practical joker. Once, he came through the house in mama's nightgown, with curlers in his hair, doing a dance. He was shocked to find that my oldest sister's boyfriend was sitting in the living room. Daddy and my sister both wished the floor would swallow them!

...that he loved to comb my middle sister's and my waist length hair

...that he cried when Mama had it chopped off, short as a boy's

...that he cried whenever my Mama whooped one of us, begging her not to do it

...that he kept every single paper I brought home from school

...that he never felt sorry for himself when he got sick and did his best to act like everything was normal for us kids

...that when he was too sick to go to church, he went anyway and lay down in the pew during the service

...that many, many, people loved and respected him.

...that the funeral home was packed for his viewing

...that there were so many roses there, the smell made me sick and I don't like the scent to this day

...that I stood next to his casket for the longest time, hoping to see him breathe

...that I reached out and touched his face, hoping to feel some life there, heartbroken that I didn't

...that when Renni was a baby, his image had almost faded in my mind, I was sad that I could not recall his face

...that I soon after had a dream, where he came to me and we spent many hours together, it didn't go fast like a dream, it seemed real time. After that, I could clearly see his face again

...that I miss him as much today, as I did 31 years ago

...that my memories are all I have. My mother kept nothing of his to give to us kids.

...that tomorrow is Father's Day and my Father is gone

I Love You, Daddy

Happy Father's Day in Heaven


  1. Super sweet. And awesome that after so many years you still have the most special of places in your heart for him. Happy daddys day to all!!!

  2. It's so nice to know, even after all those years that you still have fond memories of your dad.

  3. What a beautiful post. Wonderful memories. Your Dad sounds like a very crafty man with wood work.

  4. Dawna, this was such a beautiful post...a wonderful tribute to your dad. He sounds like he was an amazing father....looks like you have some pretty amazing memories of him. I loved what you wrote about when someone left a hat at your house, he'd decorate a gourd and put the hat on it!! Sounds like he had the best sense of humor!

    I'm following you through MBC!

  5. Those who tell the best stories help keep the memories of those who have passed alive. I think you've inherited that gift from your Daddy. Here's to his memory, and wishing you a Happy Father's Day, too!

  6. Beautiful post! You had me tearing up that's for sure. I'm so sorry you had to loose him at such a young age. :(

  7. Beautiful post! Clearly, you remember your daddy well. I am sorry you lost him at such a young age, but really glad that you DID have him if even for only a short time.

  8. This was such a beautiful post--thank you for sharing those memories:)


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