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Night Stalker

Early this morning (Friday), I was sitting in the dark, no light but the glow of my computer, when I heard someone come stumbling into my room. I turned to look and, after seeing what I did, grabbed the video camera to make a record of it. This is what I saw...

Here's the story... Tallen always has a band-aid somewhere on his body. They're like a security blanket. One day there might be one on his nose, knee, arm, neck, and once he even wore one on his lip. Well, his aunt (my sister) found him a cute little first aid kit, full of bandages. I removed all the salves and alcohol pads and gave him the box, warning him not to waste them on imagined boo-boos. He excitedly agreed and took the box. He controlled himself for a while, just gazing at the box and smiling, every now and again. I guess he just couldn't take it anymore. It's so cute that he has never seen a finger bandage before and had no idea where to put them. I guess they fit perfectly on either side of his mouth LOL

Sorry the pic is dark and grainy. It was taken in near darkness on video and then I captured the still image from the film...


  1. Wow, you shouldn't let him play with Band-Aids anymore!

  2. Thanks for the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog.

  3. I don't let him play with them. He just wears a lot of them. Even if he just barely bumps into something and there is no blood or anything, he wants a band-aid. He wants them on his nose to cover freckles, because he says they are boo-boos. If something doesn't look or feel right to him, his thinks a band-aid will fix it.

  4. hey, i have a new blog. You used to follow my now deleted one. Hope you come on board on my new one. R. always wants me to band aid her boo-boos. She is crazy about her nails though. The slightest hangnail and she goes running to her father for the small scissors

  5. Hey Clare! I wondered what happened. I came over one day and your blog had gone POOF! I'll be sure to follow the new one. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Now that is really really cute. Love it. I'm following you too now.


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