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Oscar the Pig: Mommy Goes to Work ~ Children's Book Review

I recently had the chance to read the book Oscar the Pig: Mommy Goes to Work, to Tallen and Ross. The story centers around Oscar's separation anxiety and the unique way his babysitter helps him cope. I won't give away the story, but I will tell you that it includes magic, imaginary trips to lands far away, and meeting new friends who are dealing with the same fears as Oscar.

The opportunity to review this book came along at a great time, as Tallen, like Oscar, does suffer from separation anxiety. I could tell by his facial expressions as I read this story to him, the he totally connected to what Oscar was feeling. I also watched his face light up and heard him giggle with glee, as Oscar began a fun adventure, thus taking his mind off his working mother. Tallen, who is five years old, has read this book, on his own, several times since I read the story to him. In short, he loves the story, he loves the characters, and he loves the beautiful illustrations. He especially loves the travel aspect as he devotes many hours to Google Earth, pretending to visit far away places. His dream is to go to see The Great Wall of China. I think this book would be the perfect thing to read to any child with separation anxiety. But those children who do not have that problem would also really enjoy it. Plus, it gave me some great ideas as to things Tallen's sitter can do to comfort him, whenever I need to go away. 

Ross, who is two years old, listened to the story intently and kept repeating each sentence that I read. She squealed with delight, when a new character was introduced. "A pig, MomMom! A Pig!" and " There's a bear, MomMom."  While I am sure that she did not grasp the concept of the story. She did enjoy my reading it to her and loved the pictures.

I recommend this book to parents of preschoolers. Just be warned that you will be asked to read it many times over.

Oscar the Pig is the first book in a series being developed by Megan Calhoun. It's published by Silly StringMedia, which is a new media publishing company. Other successful ventures by Megan Calhoun include Twittermoms.com, a social networking and community site for moms. The gorgeous illustrations in the book were developed for Megan by an artist who lives in Thailand. The book is available at Amazon.com ($16-$18) or at OscarThePig.com.


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