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On the spur of the moment Saturday, we (Renni, Fiance, and I) decided to take the kids on a picnic. We packed up the car and headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway, over the line, in Virginia.

I was in shock, when seeing the state of disrepair that the Parkway has fallen into. Very overgrown and unkempt. The road was plagued with pot holes and cracks. This must have something to do with budget cuts. Having lived most my life with the Parkway just outside my door, I guess I just took for granted that it would always be there. Now it seems to be crumbling away. At any rate, it was still beautiful and we had a great picnic at Groundhog Mountain.


  1. Beautiful pics! I want to go there!

  2. Thanks, Frances! If you're ever coming to these parts, holler at me and I will take you on a tour.


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