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Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Welcome to Was My Face Red! Wednesday! Most of us have, at one time or another, done something so humiliating, that we wished the floor would open up and consume us. Let's swallow our pride and share those moments with others! Our shame was not in vain, if it can put a smile on someone face! You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine...

  Everyone is welcome to participate. Just leave the link to your WMFR post below.

My post is very late today, but I have a good excuse,actually a couple of them. First of all, my internet has been down since last night. Strangely, even after other folks had theirs back, mine was still not working. Turns out that my modem decided to die as well. Renni took it in to my provider and got a replacement this afternoon.

Secondly, I am having real bad problems with my right leg swelling. It got so huge and painful last night that Renni sat with the kids, Fiance drove me to pick up my sister, and she went with me to the ER. Which brings me to this week's WMFR post...

While waiting for Fiance to arrive last night, I decided to try and take my mind off things. I took out my FLIP video recorder and began recording a "Captain's Log" of my impending trip to the ER. When he arrived, I dropped it in my purse and forgot about it.

It was a freakish trip that included nurses talking rudely about how ugly some other patients were (including a baby) right in front of us and a farting X-ray technician. Long story short, they couldn't find a clot in my leg and aren't real sure what is wrong. After seeing the doctor again, we were waiting for the nurse to bring my release forms.About the time that I remember I have the FLIP in my purse and am about to let my sister watch the video I made, the nurse walks in and tells me I can get dressed, then leaves. Well, I hand the Flip to my sister and go about removing my hospital gown. Suddenly, with no warning knock, the door flies open and there is the nurse that left minutes before, getting an eye full of me, naked but for my underwear and some socks, standing 5 feet away from my sister, who just happens to have the business end of a video camera pointing in my direction, because she is watching the movie screen on the back. I screamed and tried to cover the twins. She said, "Oops! Sorry!" and quickly closed the door. Her expression told that she thought we were a couple of sickos. At least she had an exciting story to tell, after her shift last night.


  1. ROFL!!! This is hilarious! Not that you had to go to the ER, but the nurse walking in on you "filming." I might do that on purpose sometime, just for the reaction.

  2. OMG hahahah. That is too funny!! You had me cracking up at the farting x-ray tech hahah.

  3. I thought you were going to tell us that when you opened your purse you discovered it was still on and caught all the audio of your ER visit, complete with the nurse complaining and the farting xray tech.

  4. LOL Frances! That's an awesome idea!

    Mommy24cs, my sister reported that me attending nurse was having the same issue. I guess the both had the same thing for dinner. ROFL

    Lola, that sounds exactly like something that might happen to me...


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