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Define "Funny"

Is it me? Or is this world absolutely spilling over with funny? I have been giving a lot of thought lately, as to whether the things I find funny are actually funny in their own right, or if it is just the way I tend to look at things. After all, Hubs never finds things as amusing as I think they are.

For instance, on our Girls Night Out last week, we went to Wally World after dinner. I spot a girl, probably age 16 or 17, browsing around the jewelry counter. She was wearing a new white sweater. How do I know it was new? Well, because in her attempt to shoplift the sweater by slipping it on over her clothes, planning to wear it right out of the store, she failed to realize that, as she pulled it over her head, the huge price tag, larger than a dollar bill, had popped out the back of the neck, as she pushed her head through. So there she was, acting all casual, with this big price tag dangling down her back. It was hilarious, just knowing that she was going to stroll right past the door guard and get busted. I wish I had my FLIP with me, that would have made such an awesome stupid criminal video. So anyway, I tell Hubs the whole story and he didn't even chuckle.

This happens a lot. I'm laughing to the point of tears at something, while he sits there stone faced. Yet, he will split his gut, laughing at something a simple as a squirrel trying to climb a tree and making a mis-step. Whazup wif dat?

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  1. Some people just have different senses of humor. Luckily my partner and I pretty much have the same sense of humor.


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