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Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Welcome to Was My Face Red! Wednesday! Most of us have, at one time or another, done something so humiliating, that we wished the floor would open up and consume us. Let's swallow our pride and share those moments with others! Our shame was not in vain, if it can put a smile on someone face! You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine...

  Everyone is welcome to participate. Just leave the link to your WMFR post below.

I have always been terribly afraid of thunderstorms. Usually, I will just find an out of the way place in the house, close the curtains tight, and hum gospel songs to myself, until it passes. Well, back when I was about 8 months pregnant with Cina, we rented this little fire trap of a mobile home. There really wasn't a good place to hide from a storm. Anyway, I was huge pregnant and needing to pee every few minutes. As luck would have it, during a really bad electrical storm, I needed to pee. I had to bite the bullet and take my chances on lightening coming through the plumbing and blowing me and the toilet through the roof. But, I did make my husband at the time come with me and stand at the door. How that was supposed to help anything, I will never know. I guess I figured, with him standing in the room, the lightening was more likely to hit him, rather than me, who was sitting on the toilet.

Anyway, I tried to pee as fast as I could, I prayed as I sat there. Just as I was wiping, a huge BOOM! resounded through the place and lightening flashed. I swear, I don't think my feet hit the floor from the toilet to the doorway! A few minutes later, as we stood in the hallway. my husband was hugging me and trying to keep me calm through the storm. Being a man, he couldn't resist sneaking a feel of my rear, as he hugged me. First he groped a little, then he patted my behind, "What is that?, he asked.
"Uh, it's my butt..."
"No, it isn't..."
"Uh, yes it is, it may be bigger than usual, but it's my butt."
"Are you wearing a pad?"
"No! Why the heck would I be wearing a pad? I'm pregnant!"
"Well then, what the heck is that?", he asked, patting my butt again.
I felt around to my behind, there was definitely a puffy lump there. I reached into the back of my pants and pulled it out.
It was a wad of toilet paper! In my haste to wipe and get off the toilet, when lightening had struck, I had moved so quickly that I pulled my pants up before the paper even had time to hit the toilet!

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  1. You are a goof and funny! Thank you for sharing.


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