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Hot on the Range - Book Review

I recently had the chance to review the wonderful book Hot on the Range, by R.D. Jentsch. Hot on the Range centers around a horse named Chester who, in his quest to find a way to cool down, meets and talks with many other animals around the farm, and discovers how they keep cool, on such a hot day. Finally, his owner notices Chester's problem and helps him out.

This is a great children's book for many reasons. First, it sparks their imagination, by letting them envision that animals think just like us, and talk to each other. Most children love the idea of animals having a whole other side to them, other than what we can see and hear them do. Also, the book teaches them to problem solve. By trying different things and not giving up, Chester is finally able to find a solution to his problem. Finally, I liked the fact that, even though this book is for children, it uses some larger words than one usually doesn't find in such books. This helps to improve the child's vocabulary and  builds their confidence about reading.

Ross (2), Tallen (5), and I, have read this book over and over since receiving it, about a month ago. Tallen took to it right away and, after the first couple of times of my reading it, he now reads it for himself. In the beginning, Ross mostly squealed and pointed at the animals, mimicking the sounds they make and asking lots of questions. But now, she basically knows the story by heart and tells it along with me, as I read.

I highly recommend that you add this book to your collection. My kids love the story and I love reading it to them. The only bad thing I can think of is that reading this book tends to make each of us very, very, thirsty! LOL

To learn more about this book and it's author, please visit www.hotontherange.com

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