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Beyond Creepy

If you read my blog regularly, you may recall a previous post ( or two ) about some of the weird things that happen around my home. Such as phone lines, that are too high up for the little ones to reach, and sewing machine plugs, when I am the only one up and about, being connected one minute and disconnected the next, as in completely removed from the wall. Then magically, in the case of the phone line, getting plugged back into that wall.

We have also dealt with hearing coughs, yells, and other noises, that we can't find the source of. A while back, several of us began to catch a glimpse of something moving quickly through the house. The best any of us could describe it was that it is the height that hubs is, when he is sitting on the sofa. Hubs said we were all crazy and just seeing things. Since then, he has seen it himself three times. Now he is a believer. He won't say it is a ghost but does admit that he can't explain it.

Then there is the deal with Tallen. Several times at night, he has awakened me with his yelling. Banging on the door to the bathroom, just inside my bedroom. Screaming, "Who are you?! Come out of there now! What is your name?!" He couldn't open the door as I have a knob guard on there to prevent his and Ross entering and maybe getting their hands on perfume or some other thing they shouldn't drink. Then saying something to the effect of, "I'm sorry Mama, I tried to stop him but he floated past me." This also happened with him one day in our pantry. This time he said that "he" had floated up to the corner of the room and vanished.

Anyway, tons of other stuff has happened here. But, it had quieted down for a short while. Since this house was built by my husband, I know that it isn't a deceased former resident of this house. The land does have a lot of history and I have basically just decided that what we are seeing and hearing is a residual sort of "haunting". Not really a haunting at all but kind of like a record of times past playing over and over.

Well, Cina always keeps fans going upstairs, as the central air just doesn't cool up there very well. Recently, she went to visit her dad for over three weeks. I cannot tell you the times that I made my way up the steps during the time she was away, having to turn off those fans. I assumed that maybe Selly had gone up and turned them on. Then one morning, around 3AM, I heard the familiar rumble of the fans coming on. I was the only one awake! No way did I go up and turn them off this time! Then, a couple of weeks ago, Hubs was out late hunting one night. I was in my room on the computer, it was after 2 AM. Just outside my window, I hear Hubs yell, "HEY!" followed by a string of words that I couldn't make out.Certain that I hadn't heard him arrive home and that he must have forgotten his door key, I hurried to the kitchen to let him in. He wasn't there! Nobody was there! The dogs weren't even barking. Then, a couple of nights ago, the water came on in the kids bathroom. We had to turn the handle to shut it off.

There is a reason I bring this up again. Back in the Spring, I posted some pics of daffodils here. They were growing at a house that sits just down the hill from mine, on our property. The place is in shambles and is over 100 years old. Well, yesterday, Hubs was talking on the phone to a lady that lived there as a child. Her family worked for my Hub's father. She and he are around the same age. They were talking about the old days. This led to them getting on the subject of her little brother who PASSED AWAY AT AGE 8, 50 years ago, at that very house. He had a seizure of some sort and it killed him. Evidentally, Hubs had just put it in the back of his mind, as he had never mentioned it. To hear this made my hair stand on end, as the "thing" we all have seen would be about the height of a child that age. Plus, the little tricks it plays seem like what a child of 8 might find funny. As for the male voice, I guess he could be any number of people that have died tragically here over the years...


  1. FREAKY!!! Reading that gave me goose bumps!

  2. The whole mess has had me creeped out for a while. But now, hearing about that little boy, it makes me sad. I wonder if maybe he is here looking for his family that moved away years ago.


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