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Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Welcome to Was My Face Red! Wednesday! Most of us have, at one time or another, done something so humiliating, that we wished the floor would open up and consume us. Let's swallow our pride and share those moments with others! Our shame was not in vain, if it can put a smile on someone face! You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine...

  Everyone is welcome to participate. Just leave the link to your WMFR post below.

Ever notice that the injuries that are most painful seem to be the ones that other folks fine the most amusing? For example, anytime a person falls and lands on their rear it's almost guaranteed to get a laugh. Yet, that has to be one of the most painful injuries to get. Anyone who has ever chipped their tailbone can attest to that fact. Well, I have always had a knack for getting those, never would happen to anyone else in a million years, type of injuries. Then it is added to that list of funny stories that folks like to tell at family get-togethers.

Well, here is one of the worst...

I hate bras. Really I do. I have never found one that fit comfortably. As a result, other than when I go out into public (and sometimes even then lol) I just let the "twins" go braless. I figure, My House, My Boobs, My Rules, if you don't want to see my shirt jiggle, don't stop by. Anywho, when Tallen was around 3 years old, we purchased him some toy power tools. He adored them and toted them everywhere in their Chinese torture device little green plastic carrying case. Without saying a word, he would walk up to one of us and hand over the box. We all knew that this was his way of asking us to take out each tool, tell him the name of it, and demonstrate how it worked.

One day, I was sitting curled up in the recliner, when Tallen appeared with his box. I opened the box and set about discussing the tools and showing how they worked. When I was finished, he gave a little smile and snapped the lid closed on the carrying case. As luck would have it, he just happened to SNAP THE LID CLOSED ON MY NIPPLE! I saw his my life flash before my eyes. It was like getting a mammogram, but just on my nipple, and with a mouse trap. I am sure folks in China dropped their chopsticks into their dinner bowls, startled by the sound of my howls of agony. But it gets better... At the time, Tallen was super-sensitive to loud noises. His reaction to any loud noise was to immediately pack up shop and run. And that's exactly what he tried to do, I screamed, he screamed, then he grabbed the handle of the case and ran, or at least he tried to. I'll tell you, it takes skills to try to restrain a screaming, flailing, terrified, 3 year old, all the while trying to unsnap a plastic case from your nipple!

In the end, I got ZERO sympathy from the rest of the family. They were too busy laughing themselves to tears to even care. Oh well, now I qualify to compete in the Indianippless 500...

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  1. Gotta love nipple stories!

  2. It actually closed shut on your nipple?! OUCH!!


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