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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

The Cheapest Computer in the World...

Since Renni was heading to town on Tuesday, I asked her to ship a package for me. That package contained a laptop computer that I am sending away for repairs. I asked her to purchase the insurance that the Post Office offers and just ship it the cheapest way possible. Silly me, I just had to mention the price of the insurance should be a dollar or so. This got Renni confused. When all was said and done, she had shipped the package Priority Mail and purchased $1.50 worth of insurance! The clerk tried to stop her, insisting that any computer would have to be worth more than $1.50. But she wouldn't hear of it. Somehow, she got it in her head that ever how much the item was worth, was how much insurance would cost for it. She tried to explain to me how she came to the conclusion that my laptop was only worth $1.50, but I gave up trying to figure it out. Now, you couldn't drag a needle out of my butt with a tractor, as I wait for that computer to arrive safely at the repair center...

No Tallen

It rained all afternoon here yesterday. Tallen really wanted to go outside. To distract him, I let him practice writing letters neatly on his new dry erase board. We found it later, on the kitchen table, with the strangest drawing. He had drawn a face, and then added a circle with a line through it, over that face. Below it, he had written NO TALLEN. When I asked him why he had written such a thing, he explained, "There are no Tallens allowed in this house. All Tallens belong OUTSIDE." Clever boy. LOL

I Miss My Mouse

I should really learn to stick with what works. For many years, I used the same Track Ball mouse. Quite simply, the mouse sits in one spot and the user rolls the ball with his/her fingers and clicks with their thumb. It always worked well for me and caused very little hand pain, even after hours of use doing graphic work. When mine finally died, after about ten years of use, I quickly bought a replacement. Sadly, it only lived about a year. A few months ago, Renni knocked over a Pepsi at my desk and it peed beverage into the USB port and cord of my mouse. I could not get it to work again.

Not wanting to fork out over 30 bucks for a mouse like my old one, Renni has brought me several replacements. The last being a laser mouse. It has a cord, but no ball. I have never liked it. Recently, I found on sale, a tablet and pen with a mouse included. I think I might enjoy using the pen, if I can ever get the settings adjusted to suit me. For now, I feel like a drunk, trying to move the pointer around the screen. Something tells me that it won't be long till I end up buying another Track Ball.

I Think I'm Getting Old

I watched a documentary on concrete earlier. Concrete. I assumed it was because there was nothing else on to watch. Then I realized that I was actually enjoying the show, finding the details fascinating. What's next? Watching re-runs of Murder She Wrote, while I spin yarn from salvaged dryer lint?

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  1. Oh I hope your laptop gets back to you in one piece! That is funny what Tallen did! :)


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