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Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Top Ten Things That I Am Thankful For At This Very Moment

1. I Get To Be Tallen's Mother

Out of all the women in this great big world, God chose me to be blessed with Tallen. It's not always easy, but it is always rewarding. Sometimes I think that he must surely be an angel, with his huge blue eyes, with lashes as long as a camel's. Thanks to Tallen, I will never look at things quite the same. Nor will I listen when the "experts" tell me that something can't be done. He is truly a monotone talking, toe walking, miracle!

2.Birth Control Just Doesn't Work Sometimes...

Were it not for that, we wouldn't have Ross. She surprised us at what we thought was the worse time to have another baby. I know now that God blessed us with her as an answer to our prayers for help with Tallen. She is such an old soul, it is easy to forget that she only turned 2, just a few short months ago. The changes that her arrival triggered in Tallen are awe inspiring. I can't explain how she worked such magic with him, but without a doubt, she deserves a lot of the credit.

3.I Finally Got to Have Girls Night Out Again

My sister, Renni, and I had the best time! Thanks to a GC for restaurant.com, that I got as a sales promotion from an online retailer, I was able to print off a $25 voucher for a local steak house. We had a huge appetizer of cheese fries, onion rings, and chicken strips. Then we each had Chicken Scampi with a side of Pot Roast soup. Even with drinks and the gratuity for our server, the total after coupon was just over $20 for the three of us. Our waiter was so nice!

Afterward, my sister had to go home, as she had to work today. Renni and I were headed home, but I remembered that I had promised the little ones a surprise, so we had to go to Wally World, as that was all that was open at that point. I was able to use my Starbucks ice cream coupons, before they expire and get some cheap, yummy pints of frozen goodness. I wound up getting Ross a new box of crayons, as hers are wore down to nubs, and a coloring book. Tallen got some modeling clay and a wipe off board with the alphabet, to help him learn to make his letters more neatly.

4.My Blog

Really. Just being able to put my life, past and present, into words and get it off my chest, is so healing. Add to that, all of the great new people I have became aquainted with, and their supportive comments and great advice, and I don't think I could have purchased better therapy. Also, being able to unload some of the thoughts that have filled my mind for years has really unlocked emotions and revelations that I had no idea were there.

5. Cutting My Hair

It is so nice to be able to wash and wear. No more gallons of conditioner and tired arms from combing my long hair. Really, I do not miss it at all.

6. Getting Things Done

I am finally seeing some progress around here! I was even able to clean carpets for the past couple of afternoons.

7. Detox

Not as in alcohol or drugs. As in people. I am finally rid (knock on wood) of some very toxic people who were in my life for years. People who never plan to do much with their lives and can't stand to see another person doing well or being happy. People who discourage and ridicule. At this time in my life especially, I need to be surrounded with as many positive people and things as I can.

8. That I Live In the Country

Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am. then it hits me that folks are showing up and calling here all the time, asking to go swimming, fishing, or camping on our property. Why? Because it is beautiful and serene. I don't have to ask anyone to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors here. I just need to take the time to do it.

9. The Internet

Maybe that seems shallow. But really, it has opened many doors in my life. I can read news from around the world. I can contact a friend in New Zealand in mere seconds. I have met so many great people online. I can find out about almost anything I care to know about.Not to mention the help it has been to Tallen. Plus, I can blog!I remember being amazed as a child, when I first saw someone connect an Atari game to their TV. Now look what we can do! I would never have dreamed such a thing back them.

10. Being Pain Free

I'm just short of throwing out my arms, spinning in circles, and belting out The Sound of Music!

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