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FYI to anyone whose child needs a 3" binder for school...

Selly needed one of thse for school and most places wanted almost 10 bucks for one! Insane! Last night,at Walmart, I found Photo Albums, tons of them, for $5.00 each. They have no writing to indicate they are for photos and they are 3" just like Selly needed. So, needless to say, I purchased one of those. I figure I can always use the photo sheets in another album. With the pages removed, it is just a regular old 3", 3 ring binder!

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I started a Top Ten Thursday post yesterday, about the things Hubs does that drives me bonkers. After a couple of hours, I was still just halfway finished with the post ROFL So I saved to draft and decided not to post. One day, I might just do a special post, of all the posts that I started when I was angry and never published...

Opinions Please...

Here's the deal...

A few years back, when I worked at our local convenience store, I had a problem customer, as did some of the other girls that worked there. This customer, now in his mid-fifties, had the scary habit of following us home late at night. We would be driving home around midnight and, out of nowhere, he would show up behind us. He never did anything that we could have him arrested for. Just acted really creepy in person and then followed us on the road at times, almost as if he was hoping to catch us broken down or something. He even did it a few times in broad daylight. The fact that he lived five minutes from the store and once turned up behind a female employee that lived almost an hour away, confirmed that we were not just being paranoid.

Anywho, I have been tucked safely away here on the farm and haven't seen that guy for a few years. Until a couple of weeks ago, that is. He turned up here, wanting a job helping Hubs get in the crop. When I saw who was in the drive talking to Hubs, it made my skin crawl. When Hubs came in the house,I told him that I did not want that man around here. Hubs said it was too late as he had already told him to come to work. I told Hubs the whole "following" story and explained that I did not feel safe having that man anywhere near my girls. Hubs sort of foofooed away my worries and I could tell that he thought I was exaggerating about the man following me home. He had to eat crow a few days later when the wife of a friend of his asked him what in the hell was he doing hanging out with "that piece of dog crap". Hubs asked her what she had against the guy and she informed him that this creep follows her home almost every morning, after she drops her child off at school. Since this lady and I have ZERO relationship with each other, Hubs new that it was no coincidence. Again, I asked him to please send the guy packing, he told me I was jumping the gun as the guy had done nothing.

A couple of days later, a tractor pulls up in the drive. I think it is Hubs and step out to greet him. It wasn't Hubs, it was that man, not 20 feet from my house, taking a pee in plain sight, in my driveway. When I called Hubs name as I came out the door, the guy whips around with his willy still in his hand and says, "Hey!" Then started walking toward the house! I hurried inside and shut the door! Thank goodness Hubs came down the drive a few moments later. When I told him about it, he laughed.

Well, yesterday afternoon, the girls come in and tell me that while they were waiting for the bus yesterday morning, this creep pulls over and starts talking to them. He laughingly told them that he couldn't believe that a man that looked like Hubs could have two pretty daughters like them. Then he asked them if they wait at that same spot every morning. Cina said nothing. Without thinking, even though I have warned Selly about just this sort of thing, she told the guy, "Yes". Something in his manner had really disturbed both the girls and frightened them. It's that Pervert Gut Knot that I have told them to never ignore. Due to my past dealings with just such creatures, I have tried to make my girls extra aware without scaring them too much. It is so obvious that this perv is testing the waters with those girls. I know his type. I made up my mind right then and there that I am going to corner this guy, let him know that I was well aware when he used to follow me, and tell him that, unless he wants to lose a couple of knee caps and some balls to my baseball bat, he had better NEVER come within 50 feet of my girls again.

Last night, I had girls night out with my sis and Renni. I called to check in during dinner and I asked Hubs if the girls had told him about this guy and what he did. Hubs didn't hear the part about the girls, he just hears me say the guys name and starts insisting that he has already handled it. He says, " I told him that those were my kids he was talking about and that he just needed to wipe any thought of them out of his mind." I realize then that we are having two different conversations. I'm like, "What? When did you tell him that?" He says yesterday morning. And I ask why he would have said something to him then when he couldn't have even heard the girls story yet. That's when he tells me that when he started to work with Pervo, a full 2 hours after the bus had left ( just why was the man even on the property 2 hours before time to start work?), that he had told Hubs how good looking those two girls were and that he wished he were 18 again so that he could "woo them". WTH?! Why would he say this to their dad? Anyway, I was sure since Hubs now knew that he was eyeballing our younguns, he would give the man his walking papers. WRONG! He let him work the rest of the day and had it not rained today, he would have been here working again.

I was so mad. I told Hubs that I am going to run the man off. I swear, Hubs said well he hadn't really done anything yet. I say, WHY WAIT FOR HIM TO DO SOMETHING? Will it take the man doing something awful to one or both of our kids before Hubs realizes that he is a threat? He told me if I was so concerned then I should sit my ass at the bus stop with the girls till the bus comes. Not that easy for me as it would require dragging Tallen and Ross from bed before daylight blah blah blah. Besides, the girls enjoy walking to the bus, when it gets cold weather, I will start driving them. I told him that was stupid and that the girls should be able to safely wait for their bus without worrying about some sack of poo that he has welcomed onto the property. Plain and simple, let me send the guy packing, if he won't do it. I just feel like Hubs is throwing us to the dogs once again.

Opinions? Suggestions?


  1. Well, I am just wondering what "HUBS" mental malfunction happens to be? Are you kidding me? Bear would have already made the guy disappear! Has he heard about Jaycee Duggard, Sean Hornbeck, Elizabeth Smart? These kids were all stalked before being taken and snatched right under our noses.

    Now, if "HUBS" isn't man enough to tell this SOB to git and not show his face around this area ever again lest he wants to talk soprano then it will definitely be up to you - the best way to do this is to get his car description and tag and call it into the police - make a police report, and then go get a restraining order for you and the girls. This way if he violates it you will have legal recourse. While you are working legally, start the underground going by calling in all the yaya sisterhood women - get together and set him up to follow one of the sisters, the sister drives to an area that is isolated and all the other sisters follow and block him in, get out with baseball bats, chains, what ever you want and let him know that the yaya sisterhood takes what he is doing very seriously and he will be dealt with accordingly!
    About this time he should be peeing allover himself begging for forgiveness - forgiveness will be given after the A**whippin' and start the A**whippin. Okay, I've given you a couple of ideas! Oh, and everyone covers for everyone - they have no idea what the heck he is talking about.

  2. Thank you, Nancy! I swear, it is like the freaking Twilight Zone around here at times. I just cannot understand Hubs, for the life of me. Because I know for a fact that he is not chicken. I have seen him get fighting mad, but always over something like someone cheating him out of money, or calling him a liar, something like that.

    So then I wonder if he is just slow to catch on about some things, or maybe he didn't grasp exactly what the person said or did. So I explain to him in great detail why I feel worried or threatened. At which point he suggests that I am paranoid and jumping the gun.

    Other times, I think well maybe he just thinks that if I suggest something, then it must be wrong. So I try to stand aside and let him see for himself and handle it. But he never does. It always reaches a point where I have to step in and act like a crazy person to whomever and send them packing myself. And really, that's hard to do when the person can see full well that my husband is not on the same page with me.

    Plain and simple, I think that whether Hubs fully agrees or not, if I feel a threat toward myself or our kids from someone, he should take action, if only for the sake of giving me peace of mind. I also think that he should give me credit for knowing of what I speak. I had a horrible childhood and was the victim of several predators. I now have a sort of sixth sense about those sort of people. I can tell when one enters the same air space as me. Really. It's hard to explain. But so far, I have never been wrong.

    Everything about this guy just screams PERVERT. His look. His mannerisms. And heck his HISTORY of stalking people.

    Over the years, it is always the same thing. I tell hubs that XX is not a person with good intentions. That I am sure they are a thief, crack head, pervert, whatever. Usually because there are screaming obvious clues to back up that feeling I have. Then Hubs always disagrees and makes me feel stupid. Then the person turns out to be exactly what I predicted and Hubs always seems shocked to discover the type of person they are. I say, "why are you so shocked? I told you this about them months ago and you told me I was crazy." Then he tells me not to start that sh*t, that all he can do is be more careful next time. But, when "next time" comes, he handles it the same way. With me all the while begging him to open his eyes and see what is so obvious to everyone else. It makes me want to pull my hair out...

  3. Oh my goodness...let me tell you what...your Hubs had just better be glad that he is married to you and not to me! Because, I would have already taken the frying pan and whacked Hubs over the head with it!

    What is he THINKING??! Seriously, I really am starting to believe that men are NOT born with that Pervert Gut Knot that you blogged about. So, they need to listen to us women who ARE born with it.

    I love the whole yaya sisterhood thing....I needed that when El Creepo used to be in our neighborhood!

  4. Thanks A. Marie. We had a HUGE argument this morning, when that guy called at 6:00. I recognized the number on ID and answered, then said very rudely, "Who is this?!". He said his name and I passed the phone to Hubs, while very loudly saying, " Oh Honey! It's the PERVERT!" He mothes to me what I think was, "What the hell did you say that for?!" Then talked to the guy and told him to come work to day. When he hung up, he demanded to know why I would say such a thing. I told him that first of all it was just the truth. And secondly, one of us needed to protect our girls from an obvious predator, like that guy, and since there's seems to be no chance of him actually protecting us, it is left up to me. And therefore, I plan to do and say whatever is needed to make that guy so uncomfortable that he never wants to combe back around.

    I also told him that when I told him that the man had followed me, that should have been all it took for him to decide not to have the guy around. That he was ignoring obvious signs of this guys intentions. And that, even if I sprayed him down with Clue in Heat and stood him in the middle of a field full of Clues, on the first day of Clue season, he still wouldn't get a damned CLUE. I thought the hunting reference might make a light go off in his brain...

  5. Oh My Gosh....Your Clue in Heat phrase is hysterical!! I'm still laughing as I type this!


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