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I've been a little slack with the blogging, over the past few days, so I wanted to catch up on things...

Jumping for Joy
I am finally, blissfully, out of pain. After a torturous week, feeling as though my shins were rotting away, and demonic elves were driving nails into the souls of my feet, I couldn't take anymore. I called the doctor's office and didn't shutup, until I was able to talk directly to the nurse. She knows who I am and what I am dealing with. I told her that I had refills that Wally World was refusing to let me have and that I simply couldn't see paying 75.00, just to have them write me another prescription. 75.00 is the base price for sharing the same air space with you for 5 minutes. If they need to look in or poke at any oriface, that's another 25.00, Anyway, within minutes, she had talked to the doctor and called me in a new prescription. I thought of having them call it in to a different pharmacy but decided that I really wanted those bitches at Wally World to eat a little crow, for treating me like a dang drug fiend.

It's funny ( NOT!) what one envisions, when they are in a lot of pain. Let me add here that I try all legal means to do away with it. I tried BC's, Goody's, Ibuprophen, old Elevil (SP?) tablets that I was given for stomach upset, after my gall bladder removal in 2003. Then it hit me that I had never seen an alcoholic or pot head in pain. Well, I was scared to drink as I figured that wouldn't mix well with all the OTC pain meds I had tried. Pot is illegal, and I am way too chicken sh*t to get within a mile of illegal drugs. Then I prayed that my legs would fall off from the knee down. The only small relief I could get was sitting in a HOT tub of water. But getting away with that for very long is impossible around here. Plus, I couldn't stay in the bath tub, until the 30th, waiting for the WM nazis to let me have my meds. It was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! Bless the hearts of anyone who is sitting around in pain right now.


I have opened an eBay store and am selling everything I own. Well not everything. The fact is, probably due to having almost nothing as a child, then moving all the time and losing track of what little I did have, I have a tendancy to hold on to things. But A. even though I have a fairly large home, I really need the space that selling this stuff would give me. And B. I have an appointment with a neuroligist in October, which is going to cost me out the wazoo, since I have no insurance, every dime I can earn will help. And C. Tallen is going to start a more regimented home schooling routine this year and I need funds to get books and supplies etc...

Anyway, I have lots of beads and findings, and all the stuff that goes with. Clay molds. Jewelry that old stalkers gave me. Jewelry that an old stalker jeweler made just for me. Not to mention a lot of items that I purchased multiples of for whatever reason. There's a little bit of everything. It's taking me a couple of days to get it all listed and when I am done, I will post a link here. All purchases will be deeply appreciated. I really just want to get down to the things that I need to run my home and my life and my serger and sewing machine. The rest is really just in my way at this point. Plus, if I ever find that I have more time on my hands later, I can always buy supplies then.


I've been thinking a lot lately about friends. I try to be a dedicated friend. As in, I'll always have your back. Actually, it isn't even a "try" sort of thing, it's just how I am. I wonder though, are others like this? Am I an idiot for being that way. Because, I tend to end up with the sort of friends that think it is OK to hurl me under the bus whenever. Or trash talk behind my back and then smile to my face. And I don't deal with that well. When that happens, I tend to say the heck with that person, usually forever. Like I am so disappointed that they weren't the friend to me, that I was to them, that I can never get past a betrayal of my trust. Am I expecting too much of a friend? Is that the way everyone is?

My sister has had a really hard time the last couple of weeks, after discovering that several people that she worked with and considered her friends, had been trash talking her behind her back. Hurt even worse by the ones who didn't trash talk her, but also did not bother to defend her or let her know it was going on.

It gave me total flash backs of when I was put in charge of the books at that very same store, many years ago. The manager, who was discovered later to have been stealing lottery tickets and cashing them in elsewhere, became very antsy when I was given the bookkeeping job. With good reason as, when the money came up short, I went from person to person, asking questions and counting and recounting, until I found it.

One day, I came into work, and the thieving manager told me that I was fired. She said she had written me up for something or the other and that I had been written up before, 2 other times. I told her that was a lie and to show me the write ups. She couldn't produce them (BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EXIST) So there I was, a single mother, with 3 kids at home to feed, being fired, so she could have an easier time stealing from the store. Every single person that was present that day, knew that she was lying and firing me for trumped up reasons. Yet, not one single person backed me up or stood up for me. Not one. Sure, they might have feared for their own jobs but really, I would have spoken up for them, had they been in my shoes. I learned that day that I shouldn't expect too much from other people. So anyway, I know somewhat how my sister feels. Any my feelings are still hurt to this very day.

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