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Sunday Sampler

A little bit of this, that, and the other...

I managed to complete another butt cake, without a wrist blowout, like last time. Tallen recalled the last one I made and kept pacing around this one saying, "That's not right, it's supposed to have blue circles...". I had to stand guard by it, while I waited for someone to arrive and take it away. I was terrified he might try to "fix" it. LOL 

The kittens finally have their eyes open! I will post pics later. Right now, Ross is following my every step and I can't let her see where the mama cat has hidden them...

The local elementary school sent me a letter this past week, welcoming Tallen to kindergarten. That's real sweet and all, but considering that I have made it clear all along that he will be taught at home, it is really beginning to get on my nerves, the way they keep contacting me, as if they have no idea about this. I let him attend one day of preschool and he was given "alone time", because he was more interested in reading the signs hanging in the gym, than playing whatever game the other kids were playing.

Before I let him attend preschool, I was assured that it was completely on a voluntary basis and if I felt it wasn't for him, I just wouldn't send him back. No questions asked. Well, I didn't send him back, because I won't have him punished for doing something that he really cannot control. If he sees words, he has to stop and read them. Plain and simple. Add to that, the fact that they made it very clear that they could teach him nothing. He has a very high IQ and when they saw his test results, they seemed super-excited to have him attend their school. I was told that perhaps he could help them tutor the other preschoolers. LMAO Are they freaking kidding me?!

They said that he would be attending mainly for socialization. First of all, Tallen does not give a hill of beans about playing with other kids right now. He's standing there talking to a child his age about The Great Wall and how golf balls are made and the other child is looking at him like he has three heads! I figure, he is better off at home, where he has complete access to anything he cares to learn. Learning is fun for him. He spends his days learning. Why send him away each morning, to a place where he is punished for reading? Not to mention being treated like a side-show, with adults always asking him off the wall questions, just to ooh and ahh because he knows the answer. No thank you!

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  1. I always tell my hubbie that if I could do my children's schooling all over again, I would homeschool. Good for you for doing what you think is best for your child! :)

  2. My oldest son is very very smart. He started school a year early and is much younger then the children in his grade. We have had a hard time with the school because of his age. However, all of his grades are A and Bs. It is so confusing as a parent sometimes b/c you just want to do what is right for your child.

  3. Good for you! Very brave of you to stand up against the system and do what's best for your son. You have a special one there. My dog is pretty similar (not that it compares). She doesn't really play with other dogs. She just wants to play with the ball.

  4. Ignore them and do whatever you think is best! Good for you and for your son, we all know that his intelligence is going to take him far in life. Also, that cake is adorable.

    P.S. Following you from MBC...

  5. Mommy always knows best. What message is that? "your in alone time for reading"....I never heard of such a thing. Let him stay home and read what ever his heart wants to read. Plenty of time for socializing, and by having him 'tutor' the other kids im confused how that would actually help him socialize....kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me.

    as for the cake....amazing!

  6. Cute cake! Good for you for keeping Tallen at home. If a teacher put my kid in "alone time" for reading, I would have had to throw what my mama used to call a "wall-eyed hissy fit" and probably would have been asked not to come back. LOL!


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