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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

"Cheap" Has Reached a New Level Around Here

I really feel that sometimes people should just stick to what they know. NEWS FLASH! Hubs doesn't know squat about cleaning! Therefore, he knows nothing about trash. Well, he may haul it to the dump, but we ( the girls and I) load the trash on the truck and one of the girls rides along to help unload it.

I use Glad ForceFlex bags. I have never have a problem with leaking, tearing, etc... Last week, I asked Hubs to pick up trash bags, since he was already going to town for other reasons. I very specifically told him the brand to purchase. He arrives home and presents me with the industrial size box, of the cheapest bags he could find. For real, he did the math and figured out the cost per bag. When he saw the look on my face, he proudly explained to me that he had it all figured out. If I would only fill these cheap bags half way, before removing them from the can, they should work fine. Is he for real? If I am using twice as many of the cheap bags, how am I saving any money at all?

 A couple of days ago, I was removing a bag that was 3/4 full from the can, as I pulled on the bag, the channel that holds those yellow straps, pulled completely free from the bag. As I stood there, staring in disgust at the plastic ring in my hand, Hubs said, "See, you just won't listen. I told you to remove them, when they were 1/2 full. That one is clearly 3/4 full."

And that's when I killed him, Your Honor...

This is Duh-dik-uh-wus!

Ross has such a large vocabulary. She may not say the words perfect, but she says them, just the same. A few nights ago, Hubs jokingly wrapped a ponytail holder around his big toe. I told Selly, "Please go take that off. He'll forget he put it there and end up needing to have his toe amputated." Ross beat her to Hubs, placed her hands on her hips, and said, " Daddy, dat is for yo-wuh  hair, not -wuh toe! You ah being duh-dik-uh-wus!(ridiculous) Take it off now!"

She was eating a cookie the other day and Hubs told her that Cookie Monster was coming to take it. She said, "No he's not! Cookie Mon-suh's not weal. Cookie Mon-suh is a sto-wee !"(story)

The Forecast

Over the years, Tallen has always had a unique way of putting things. Like, if you made him angry, he would shout, "You're fired!" Then it changed to, "Game over!". Well, this morning, I asked him to get out of my desk chair, as I needed to check my email. He didn't budge. I said, "Tallen, no kidding, I walked in here to check my email. Now please get out of my chair." He said, " Sorry, there has been a change in your forecast."


  1. This is so cute! Change in the forecast is hilarious!

  2. lol....that is too funny. I think your hub wanted the bag half full because it was easier to carry...lol.

    I love how ross talks, when little munchkin sounded his words like that, there was a part of me that he would keep talking like that, i think its so cute.

    Tallen....lol. sorry, but change in the forecast is priceless.


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