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Sunday Sampler

A little bit of this, that, and the other...

I Miss My Mind So Much!

I really need a better way to keep track of the medications that I take. This morning, like so many others, I awoke with my joints throbbing and the soles of my feet feeling like nails being driven into them. I slipped my feet in my recently acquired, Croc knock offs, as I cannot even stand to put my feet on the floor without some cushioning beneath them anymore. I made my way to the kitchen, to get my meds from the locked cabinet. I started coffee first and then had to tend to the this and that for Ross and Tallen, who were the reason I arose before 5 A.M..

I went back to my meds, took three 60MG Armour Thyroid pills, got distracted and left the kitchen without taking my Tramadol for pain. I was certain of this, when my bones were still throbbing 30 minutes later. Usually, they kick in a tad faster than that, not complete relief immediately, but enough to get me mobile, while I wait for them to do their job. I went back to the kitchen opened the cabinet again, then stopped before taking out the bottle. Totally paranoid that maybe I really did take my pain meds and they just hadn't had time to work. LOL So, I debated for another 30 minutes, before finally deciding to go ahead and take my 100MG dose. I also have to keep track of Hub's meds each day as well. I need a better way of recording when I have taken my meds. Those charts don't work well as my brain doesn't even function well enough to write that early LOL

Ross and Tallen, Tallen and Ross

We never would have dreamed a year ago, that Tallen and Ross would be playing together. For one thing, even though Tallen is a very sweet child, he sometimes doesn't realize his own strength. I also think that he has a high tolerance for pain and therefore doesn't realize that other people can be hurt. So their play together has always been closely watched by me or one of the older girls.

Yesterday morning, they were both playing in my room, while I sat at my desk, and I witnessed the sweetest thing ever. Ross bumped her head (nothing serious) but she put her hand to her forehead and said, "Ow Ow Ow! I hurted my head!". Tallen said, "Come here, I will fix it for you." and gave her a kiss on her head! Then he says,
"We are best friends." Ross agreed, "Yeah! We are best friends!". Then they actually high-fived one another, laughing the whole time. Then Tallen took Ross by the hand and they went strolling away into the other room... It brought tears to my eyes to see this.

EGGcuse Me...

I need some egg advice. Y'all know I have chickens, but mine aren't old enough to lay eggs yet. So I really haven't had to learn a lot about egg collecting, storage, etc... Well, the other day, out friend who has chickens gave us around 2 dozen eggs. Now, this guy is sort of ditsy (cute and blonde and not real smart). He doesn't usually keep the eggs from his chickens. Anyway, he brought some eggs up on Tuesday and gave them to Hubs, who completely forgot about them until Wednesday, and had left them sitting outside in the shade, down at the barns. When he brought them in to me on Wednesday afternoon and told me to clean them up and put them in the fridge PLUS told me how long they had been sitting outside, I was askeered to use them.

Somebody needs to settle this for me...

Hubs had chickens around when he was growing up and I didn't. He says the eggs are fine and that I would only have to worry if they had been refrigerated and then left out for so long. But since they had never been put in the cold, it is ok that they were outside in that heat and humidity. I dunno what to believe, I don't want to poison my kids with bad eggs. Besides the fact that I have no idea when the friend actually collected the eggs... HELP!


  1. Hi there! I found some info for you on the internet about chicken eggs:

    In the warm summer months, you'll want to collect, clean and refrigerate your eggs regularly, but it won't hurt if eggs stay in the nests for a few days in between collecting. The warmer weather typically won't present a problem if your nests are shielded from direct heat.

    Don't leave your chicken eggs ungathered for more than three days because you risk:

    spoilage due to heat
    breakage from chicken traffic
    cracked eggs from "egg drop"
    dirtier eggs from chicken traffic

    I found this over at http://www.frugal-living-freedom.com/chicken-eggs.html

    But, since you don't know how long it had been between the time the neighbor collected them and then brought them to you, I would also be very leery of consuming them.

    Hopes this helps! :)

  2. Thanks, A. Marie! HUGS
    I think maybe I can call him later and verify for sure when he collected them. I wonder if the floating in water test would work for these? You know, if the lay on the bottom, they're fresh. If they stand on end, they're not fresh but still ok to eat. If they float, throw them away. I dunno, I'm just so used to grocery store eggs that I am at a loss LOL. Thanks again for the info!

  3. "askeered" Still the best work ever!
    And I have an idea about the eggs-cook them for your hubs and just watch him for a couple of hours. Then you will know how to use them. And if you like you could cook up an egg sandwich for Den! ;) My throne in Hell awaits me.


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